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5 Signs That Indicates Future Unfaithfulness In marriage During Courtship

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5 Signs That Indicates Future Unfaithfulness In marriage During Courtship

I venture to say that most divorces would be avoided if people were more alert during courtship. It is preferable to create the courage to end a courtship to have to suffer in the future, and cause suffering in the children, due to a divorce announced.

Keep your eyes open for these 5 signs:

1. History of Betrayal
Who betray once cheats always? It depends a lot on the person, but experts say there are high chances of a repeat offense.

It is very common for the person (usually the woman) to think that it is more special than the ones that have been betrayed, so it will be different with her. Or think that your influence is strong enough to change the other.

So if the other has a history of betrayal, is it worth taking the risk? I think not. Unless a major transformation occurs in your life, such as being converted to a religion, for example. Still, it is not a guarantee.

2. Frequent lies
Someone who has a habit of lying is at least a potential traitor. People who lie often tend to be disloyal in other ways, betraying them, and consequently covering up the betrayal with more lies.

3. Egocentrism
If you have an egocentric person at your side, that is, someone who cares only about your own interests, who wants all the spotlight on you, you date a potential traitor. The egocentric does not care about the other’s feelings, so either makes him suffer or not, as long as he satisfies his desires.

4. Low self-esteem
Those who suffer from low self-esteem tend to interpret facts and signs in a way Bad and has an extremely negative view of themselves all the time.

For an insecure person with low self-esteem, getting [someone else] who gives them a minimum of attention is like a personal victory. If capable and able to hide, from herself, her insecurity.

This is not to say that all who have low self-esteem are potential traitors, but that low self-esteem is often identified in people who cheat. The good news is that it is something that can be worked on and improved upon.

5. Go “in the wave” of others
If you realize that your boyfriend or girlfriend is influential, do not think that only you will be able to “shape” him according to his will. Sooner or later, others will too. If he has “buddies” who love to cheer and jump around, be assured that sooner or later he will give in to bad influences.

Before giving your heart to someone – and even if your heart already owns it – make sure that person has a “good record.

The biggest concern should not be whether the person will betray you or not, but whether you can trust her in every way. There are several types of stabbing in the back as well as betrayal. A good choice can avoid much suffering, now and in the future.

Article by Akinbode Toluleke check up Twitter on @taakinbode

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