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Things Beating Your Wife Says About You As A Man

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Things Beating Your Wife Says About You As A Man

Bisi Oludare

It is generally believed that after marriage, man and woman become one. By oneness, it shows that the man is the woman and the woman is the man and no sane person can do a harmful thing to him/herself.

Whenever a man is seeing beating his wife, a lot of messages about the man state are being passed across but people tend to ignore those messages.

In this article, we shall be looking at things beating your wife say about you as a man;

1. It shows you have no respect for women

Any man that touches a woman all in the name of anger, has no respect for the womenfolk and it shows that you do not have respect for your mother. If you respect the person that gave birth to you, you will think twice before touching a woman

2. It shows you are not well trained

Home training matters most, some men that beat women lack proper home training or they were trained and chose not to live by the training

3. It shows you grew up in an abusive home

What a child sees while growing up matters a lot to the growth of that child. If a child grew up in a home where the father always beat his mother, he will definitely see beating a woman as a good thing. Growing up in an abusive home is one major thing that makes a guy beat his wife

4. It shows you lack self-control

For anybody to be great in life, he/she must always control his will and be able to put self under control. You must discipline yourself so that you don’t beat your wife even if you are angry. You must always have it in mind that their wife will offend them because no one is perfect

5. It is a sign that you have problem with your temperament

It is true that temperament is part of what makes up a man but it can be controlled by yourself will when you know it is bad and affecting you negatively

6. It shows you need help

A man that cannot control his temper needs professional help and so you must seek that help at the appropriate quarters before you destroy yourself and land in jail

7. It shows you are mad

The rare truth no man wants to hear is that whatever will make you lay your hands on your wife shows you are mad. It is a simple equation if marriage makes you one with your wife, whatever you do to her you are doing to yourself. But, is it possible to beat yourself? If not, then it is only a mad man that will inflict pain on himself.
You need to make up your mind that you don’t want to be a fool

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