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Things most Guys do not know about Ladies (Part 1)

by Okechukwu Liberty
7 Things most Guys do not know about Ladies

Things most Guys do not know about Ladies (Part 1)

Most guys think they know a lot about the complex nature of ladies, but at the end of the day, they come across behaviors that leave them shocked and mesmerized. This article provides things most guys do not know about ladies.

  1. Ladies prefer to be told they’re beautiful rather than hot, pretty, cute, or sexy, as these make them seem like an object of sexual desire.
  2. Girls love a lot of attention from guys especially in the midst of other ladies or their friends.
  3. Best be sure that she will tell her friends everything about you, from your personal hygiene status to your eating etiquette.
  4. Ladies have a strong thing for guys that dress very nice, she might even stalk you.
  5. For ladies the taller the better. Been 6 feet tall increases your chances with them.
  6. A t-shirt and jean wear, tucked in can make ladies go gaga!Guy wearing jeans and shirt
  7. Ladies love a funny guy. These might cost you some hot slaps on your back or thighs but as long as you got her all giggling, it’s worth it.
  8. Ladies hate guys with bad hygiene. If you cant clip those nails and trim that hair, better off stay off their lane.
  9. Ladies love a guy that knows his dancing moves.
  10. Ladies love when their men draw them closer by their waist. It makes them feel wanted and appealing.


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