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Things you need to know in the First Trimester of Pregnancy

by Abbey Lily
Things you need to know in the First Trimester of Pregnancy

You’ve just gotten back from the clinic and the test conducted is positive and then, you begin to wonder how the next phase of your life would look like. If you are a first-time mom-to-be, this is one helpful information you don’t want to miss.

Pregnancy comes with its good and bad; ups and downs, but the joy of it all is to have a safe delivery at the end.

There are basically three trimesters during pregnancy and the first trimester is the first three months. Here are some things you need to know in the first trimester of pregnancy:


  1. Register for antenatal classes

The first thing is that you need to register for antenatal classes in a good and trusted hospital as soon as your pregnancy is confirmed. Please don’t miss any antenatal check up. At this stage, every checkup is very important because most complications don’t show up until later stages. There could be bleeding that looks like your menstruation. In some women, vaginal bleeding could occur but this is not the monthly menstruation. You will be able to differentiate it by the colour of the bleeding. It is usually brown or pink.


  1. Eat fruits

You must watch the food you eat because you cannot afford to just stock yourself up with junks. Take fruits, vegetables, and enough water.


  1. Shop for your baby things early

Don’t wait till you are in your last trimester before shopping for baby things. Start early with the little you have.


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  1. Do regular exercise

Keep up your exercise routine, it will help during delivery. If you are not used to exercising before now, you might want to start in accordance with your Doctor’s advice.


  1. Body changes

There will be a lot of body changes and things you need to adjust as your baby bump increases. The bump could come with itching because the belly is expanding. Enjoy it as a benefit of motherhood.


  1. Emotional symptoms

There will be mood swing, days you are excited and some days you are not. There could be craving for some foods


  1. Keep Record

As much as you can, keep the record of your pregnancy as the month goes by. You might need to take pictures, trust me you will cherish these moments later

Above all, enjoy this period as much as you can, it is a new phase in your life.

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