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Peace Corps of Nigeria is a non-governmental and uniformed youth organization that focuses on working with the youth. It was established with the intention to build, harness and redirect the productive energies of the youth towards the Socioeconomic and Political advancement of the Nation.


The passage of the Peace Corps Bill into Law gives approval for the establishment of the Nigerian Peace Corps as an agency under the Ministry of Interior.


The Nigerian Peace Corps Bill is also targeted to empower, develop and provide gainful employment for the youths, to facilitate Peace, Volunteerism, Community Services, Neighbourhood Watch and Nation-building


Peace Corps of Nigeria was Founded by a youth strategist, Amb. (Dr) Dickson A. O. Akoh (FCITr, FCPA) on the 10th of July 1998, in the Kaduna, Northern Nigeria.


Peace Corps is registered in Nigeria under the Company a and Allied Matters Act of 1990, Part C. Peace Corps of Nigerian enforce a functional and sustainable growth in youth development and re-orientation.


The Moto of  Peace Corps of Nigeria is “Discipline and Patriotic Services”.


The Vision and Mission of Peace Corps of Nigeria is to


“Train, Educate and Re-orientate the Youths on their future leadership roles in the society problem-solving


The Art of nation building, Respect for Constituted Authorities, the Rule of Law and Democratic Principle as well as imparting a high sense of citizenship and good leadership in the youths.”


Peace Corps of Nigeria Logo and Colours.


The Logo comprises a Torch, Red Flame, an Open Book and a Wreath. The colors are made up of Green, Yellow, and Red.


What the LOGO and COLOURS Symbolize


The Torch symbolizes National Unity and Integration. The Red Flame stands for Strict Discipline observed by Members of the Corps.


The open book and the wreath depict Academic Excellence of Nigerian Youths and the law of Modification which places a high premium on the Youth respectively.


The colours of Peace Corps Of Nigerian

In the colours, the Green Colour connotes re-orientation as a basis for the character rejuvenation of the citizenry.

The Yellow and red colors represent National Integration and Strict Discipline respectively.


Aims and Objectives of Peace Corps of Nigeria


  1. Promote Social and Economic Development by involving Members and Volunteers in the scheme through working with Government, Schools, Non-Profit Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, etc. in order to preoccupy the youths;


  1. To empower and pre-occupy Nigerian Youths through job creation and provision of alternative employment;


  1. Training Nigerian Youths with good virtuous, strong passion and commitment to the art of Patriotism, Volunteerism Community Services and Nation Building;


  1. To train and equip the Youths with knowledge for Peace Education, Conflict Resolution, Mediation, Reconciliation and Confidence Building;


  1. To give distinct orientation to the Youths and engage them in the provision of essential services such:


Involving members of the Peace Corps in Community Services such as Immunization, Census and Sanitation Exercises, especially in urban cities, States and Local Government Capitals;


Provision of Refuse Bins, Waste Baskets, and Handy Waste Bags in public buildings, buses, and schools in order to obliterate littered materials;


Assisting in the planting of Economic trees and all forms of environmental conservation.

Involve members and Volunteers of the Peace Corps in crowd control during public events and in neighborhood watch in order to curb insecurity within the community


  1. Create a Data Bank and reservoir of trained,

qualified professionals and non-professional youths for easy accessibility of manpower from the pool of well-groomed youths whenever the Nation needs their services for either permanent employment or ad-hoc manpower for such national or international programmes as Emergency Relief Services, Voters’ Registration, Election Exercise , etc.


  1. Provide security for all Educational Institutions and checking all forms of examination malpractices and other vices prevalent in Schools and Colleges in order to create a conducive atmosphere for learning. To achieve these, the Peace Corps shall:


Establish Peace Corps Club in Schools and Colleges and involving members of the club in the promotion of internal understanding, Peace Education, Conflict Management, and Transformation;


Maintain surveillance on students organizing secret societies; identify their members, associates, modus operandi and to make such discoveries known to the appropriate authorities;


maintenance and enforcement of School Rules and Regulations; properties of the school or college or any form of dissident act of rioting by students or intruders in order to promote internal peace and security;


Organize Holiday Camps for students where they would be involved in less academic work, but more of games, creative work, martial art, citizenship and leadership training, as well as other extra-curricular programmes and;


Organize special conferences, seminars, and workshops in order to equip the Nigerian youths in Leadership Building Mechanism, so as to prepare them both mentally, morally and physically for their future leadership roles.


  1. Assist in youth developmental activities,

Empowerment and Capacity Building for youth Creativity and Innovations, such as:

Identify tools, techniques and the process of critical thinking, creativity, innovation, and discovery to facilitate problem solving;

Initiate and involving the youths in Humanitarian Services in Nigeria and around the world in order to aid transfer of knowledge and Technology;

Helping the People of interested countries in meeting their needs for training young Men and Women and to promote a better understanding of Nigerians on the parts of the peoples served;

To Serve as Orderlies to members of the Executives, Parliament, Judiciary and Traditional Rulers that are not covered by existing Security Agencies;

Engage Members as Tourists Assistants and Guide to Nigerian and foreigners on visit to the Country, Tourists Sites and other National and State Monuments and Heritage;

Creation and Management of Public Toilets on highways, including enlightenment against defecation in public places, Recreational Centers, Tourist Sites, etc;

Finally, the Peace Corps of Nigerian shall check all Forms of Examination Malpractices as may be perpetrated by students, invigilators, teachers, lecturers, and other educational staff.

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