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Things to do When Love Goes Sour in Your Marriage

by Israel Akintunji
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Every marriage faces one challenge or the other, at one juncture or the other in their marital journey, which might make the on-time sweetened love go sour.  Instead of quitting the race at this point, there are some things to do to refuel the dwindling heat of love in that marriage…

Below are some things to do:

Stop comparing

Most marriages face turmoil because one of the two compares their relationship to others in their lives.

You might be compelled to think that the neighbors have a better marriage, just because they post a lot on Facebook, but what guarantee do you have that they believe exactly the same about you?

Comparing is a big blunder, avoid it.

Stop fueling already heated topics

When you start arguing with your already disgruntled husband/wife, you are treading in dangerous areas, one wrong word and it can blow out of proportions. Try to stick to the real facts and not speculations, and try to talk things out in a more civil manner.

Let the heart love

What we mean by that is you love your partner, and maybe the lack of physical affection can be the reason behind the distance between you and your spouse.

Take out some of your time to hug your spouse, even a simple touch from your beloved can reduce stress hormones, its science!

Don’t avoid budding issues

One of the best advice any marriage counselor gives is to prevent rather than a cure. When you feel something is going to be a problem that can put a strain on your marriage, shut it down in the earlier stages, don’t let negativity fester in your home. This will also help bridge the communication gap between both of the partners.

Develop a hobby together

You can scoff, but this is profoundly significant. When you develop a hobby with your partner, like running together at night, you are doing multiple things at once. You are spending time together, inadvertently talking to each other and increasing your presence in your partner’s schedule.

Live and let live

Understand that just like you, your spouse is human, and making mistakes is being human. Learn to forgive and put things behind you as you progress in your life. Going back to old wounds will only increase the hurt!

Giving up on a marriage is hard, but saving it is even more hard work, anything that is worth it demands work, dedication and a desire to fight against all the odds. We hope these tips help you save your marriage, and make you think otherwise about letting it go. Good luck!

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