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If you think marriage is expensive, try divorce!

by Family Center

Not many people understands that a marriage to the right spouse, on the long run, is very cheap. While a loveless marriage is definitely very expensive.

Divorce is an incredibly expensive business and the opportunity cost is usually enormous. Although, there are no available statistics on the rate of divorce in Nigeria, but studies have shown that divorce and family fragmentation cost American taxpayers more than $112 billion every year.

The legal process of divorce itself can cost thousands of dollars, not to mention additional legal costs to enforce the divorce settlement agreement in some situations. Furthermore, both men and women suffer financially after a divorce.

Beyond the financial implications, “studies suggest that divorced men in most developed countries have twice the premature mortality rate of married men, and divorced women are also more likely to die at an early age than married women.” A US research, though inconclusive, also suggests that divorcees are more likely to have a heart attack than their peers who stay married.

It is also on record that divorced couples often have homicidal tendencies (with the ex or their spouse as the likely victims), or suicidal tendencies. Children from divorced parents might experience depression, personality disorder and divided loyalty, among others.

We do not have much database here in Nigeria, but from newspaper reports, the confessions of many armed robbery suspects show they are from broken homes or parental care during formative stages was inadequate. We have also read reports of stepmothers maltreating their stepchildren and in some cases reducing them to house-helps.

Although, some people have come out of miserable marriages and live much happier post marriage lives. Notwithstanding the challenges, I still believe that like diamonds marriage is forever. Diamonds get finer through chipping and filing, so also with marriages. Every marital breakup diminishes the Body of Christ.






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