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Three Health Risk of Anxiety

by Family Center

Three Health Risk of Anxiety
When you hear of anxiety, what comes to your mind? It can be said a condition whereby the heart rate beats faster and then is overly worried about a particular thing.

Anxiety is also a feeling that, although it stimulates us to act, can lead to headaches, stomachaches, nervousness, diarrhea, a nail-biting habit, and can make us ineffective. In addition, anxiety can bring very bad things to the health, and you can not imagine what they are. Some of this includes

1. Weight gain
The more anxious you are, the more your body releases a hormone called cortisol, which serves to control stress. The problem is that cortisol also stimulates the accumulation of abdominal fat. According to a health Magazine, it explains that high levels of this hormone cause loss of muscle mass and increased fat storage, thus resulting in an increase in weight. In addition, with high cortisol levels, memory lapses may occur and the chances of osteoporosis becomes greater.

2. Heart problems
It’s easy to realize that anxiety affects the heart, heart beats are quickly altered because of this feeling. In addition, more and more cardiologists report receiving patients suffering from anxiety that also manifest heart problems.

Nervousness seriously damages our heart because of the high adrenaline load it gets when we get nervous and anxious. And if the person suffers from high blood pressure or is diabetic, it increases the risk of anxiety heart.”

3. Insomnia
Craving some event can make a person incapable of doing many things. It is as if anxiety could act as a bridle, not letting the person perform his routine tasks quietly, concentrating on his studies and work, and preventing her from sleeping as she should.

Insomnia because of anxiety is always a suffering, because in addition to not being able to sleep, the person goes through long moments of distress. A bad night makes the situation worse the next day, until, in more serious cases, this suffering becomes daily.

So, instead of worrying and giving yourself a lot of problem, why dont you just allow the problem be and then make a solution out of it.

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