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Tips to encourage children to brush their teeth

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Tips to encourage children to brush their teeth
Convincing children to become accustomed to brushing teeth can be a difficult and very stressful task for both adults and children. And for both of you to get away with this issue you need a lot of patience, discipline and creativity.

According to experts, even before the birth of the teeth, it is necessary to asepsize the baby’s gums using the tip of the diaper or gauze with water. From the appearance of the first teeth, the brushing can already be started, always with specific brushes and toothpaste for children.

By age 4, the child already has enough teeth and is able to understand and incorporate brushing into his daily routine and it is at this stage that he should start learning to brush his teeth with the help of his parents and then holding his own brush .

As in a ritual, always after meals, before bed and when getting up, children should brush their teeth, but the drama of some parents begins when by laziness or stubbornness, they refuse to do the brushing or when they do not They do it the right way or even with the necessary frequency.

If this happens in your home, or if you have children at home, check out these tips to help convince them to take care of toothpicks and keep oral hygiene always up to date.

Prepare the environment
There is nothing more pleasing to the child than finding a space prepared for it and conveying confidence. Also, if your child does not like brushing his teeth, anything he can do to clear the barriers is welcome. Placing a firm stool so that it can reach the sink and seeing yourself in the mirror is a good start, but make sure that it will not slip, if possible, place it on a non-slip mat to avoid possible falls and traumas that may Be associated with brushing.

Invite your favorite characters
Currently, there is a series of options on the market of oral hygiene products specific to children with pleasant tastes and scents. Buying the toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss and even the mouthpiece of the favorite character’s mouthwash, can work with a great incentive making the time to brush your teeth a lively and relaxed moment.

Turn brushing into a joke.
If the time for brushing is considered a tedious obligation, the child will hardly be able to convince himself easily, but if it is fun, he will not have to refuse to take care of his teeth. Let her play with the toothbrush to interact, let her brush the dolls’ teeth and even yours, if that’s the case. At first everything will be a mess, but over time, they learn to do it right.

Explain the importance of
Getting children to understand early on how oral hygiene is important for the health of the mouth and for the proper functioning of the whole body is also important. For this, it is worth telling stories about caries, showing videos and even photos.

Start with small doses
Many children end up chewing the toothbrush and swallowing the foam from the paste, especially when they have a taste of fruit or chewing gum, so it is best to start with small amounts of pasta and gradually, as she understands, to increase. As for the bites that spoil the brushes, the advice is to have patience and to gradually teach that it should not be done.

Brush in the routine
Many children may occasionally end up simply forgetting to brush their teeth, in this case, create a routine of habits as, when leaving the table go straight to the bathroom, can prevent some brushing are forgotten inadvertently or even purposely.

Stimulate by example
For the child it is much easier to assimilate the need for brushing if they observe that this occurs in their family routine. From a young age, children tend to observe and imitate their parents’ habits, both good and bad, so set an example and be sure to brush your teeth for laziness, in the same way, do not forget to do all the steps of brushing , On the contrary, when you finish your meals, invite the little ones to brush their teeth together.

Praise and reward
Whenever the children have finished brushing their teeth, make some sort of inspection to see if the toothbrushes have been brushed well. If they are very clean, praise and offer rewards, otherwise offer to help, but never criticize or rave so as not to scare the child, as this can put everything to waste.

Do not stimulate fears
The ancient story that caries is a monster that lives inside the mouth of those who do not brush their teeth can cause traumas, so be careful when making that allusion or make it clear that the toothbrush is much more powerful than caries. Likewise, do what is possible and necessary for your child to look at the dentist’s figure as a friend, because if he starts to be afraid of this professional, you may have headaches in the future.

Take it to have a little practice with the dentist.
Understanding the step-by-step of brushing is very important for children to grow by brushing their teeth in the right way, so a visit to the pediatric dentist can be of great value. They are prepared to teach the order and the right way to use each product, as well as brushing each of the teeth and tongue.

If, by chance, all these devices fail at first, do not lose hope, in some cases this can be a long process, but gradually the child will be convinced. Always stimulate without losing your active voice, but at the same time without losing your patience.

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