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Top 10 Reasons People Go to Church in Nigeria (No 4 reason will shock you)

by Israel Akintunji
Shun Lifestyle of Cheat, Fraud and Social Vices- Says Cleric.

Churches are popular places in Nigeria, while Sundays are known for their popular and special aura in the country, especially in urban cities.

Every part of the country today has been covered with churches, ranging from small to gigantic structures with large parking lots.

Nigerians are church people, no doubt but then this has not affected the crime rate in the country.

The question then is, why do people go to church in Nigeria. From our survey, Nigerians go to churches for several reasons, among them are these:

  •      Nigerians go to churches to fulfil Sunday demands: many Nigerians go to churches religiously, they believe they just need to attend church on Sundays, hence it becomes a necessity.


  •      Nigerians go to churches to socialize: especially in Lagos, Nigerians are the busy type, they are mostly occupied during the week including weekends, Sundays become the avenue to meet with people other than your regular office colleagues.


  •      Nigerians go to churches for business connections: Big structured churches located in the heart of the city receives more members especially in Lagos, most of these members see the church as an avenue to connect with other “Big Men”. With this mentality, people go to becoming fervent in churches in other to gain business connections.

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  •      Nigerians go to churches for hookups: many singles see churches as an arena for searching. Many of these people mainly go to churches in other to meet their other half.


  •      Nigerians go to churches to get employment: churches are generally regarded as a place to secure help, many young Nigerians flock big churches in other to gain recommendation for jobs, most of these unemployed or underemployed youths become active, joining service unit all in other to get employed.


  •      Nigerians go to churches to fight poverty: most churches parade welfares publicly, and the country being the grandmaster and headquarter of poverty has left citizens with no choice, they will go anywhere food will be offered, most churches provide food items, clothing etc to attract some sets of people.


  •      Nigerians go to churches to fight demons: some churches are regarded as deliverance churches, Nigerians attend these churches in order to fight for liberation from demonic oppression and bondage.


  •      Nigerians go to church to listen to sermons: these sets of people are easy to identify, they are time managers and only gets to church during the pastor’s message, they are mostly not interested in other things.


  •      Nigerians go to church to worship God: despite the numerous reasons for attending churches, some Nigerians claim they go to church to worship their maker.


  • Nigerians go to church to show off: Sundays services are more like a contest, while many show off their clothes, some parade their body structures, their cleavages, others take it as far as showing their expensive cars.


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