Not spending enough time with your family is the first step to misunderstanding, which leads to arguments and other troubles. The strength of your family ties depends on how often you stay close and have a great time together. Therefore, prepared a few entertaining occupations for a weekend that will bring joy to you and your children.

A board game night

You may say that it is a cliché and most of the board games are boring. Quite the contrary, a wide range of modern board games can satisfy both parents and children of all ages. Can you imagine how thrilling it is to fight zombies together, or to raise an army to conquer kingdoms, or to plan a strategy of discovering unknown planets! All these stories are easy to live out with the dearest people in your life.

The variety of board games’ genres are limitless, as well as their advantages. They teach to work in a team and divide responsibilities, make important decisions and control different situations. They stimulate creativity, communication and cognitive skills, so the sooner you open the world of board games, the more capable your kid will be in future. Finally, playing a Monopoly, Dungeons & Dragons, Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan or other masterpieces is just entertaining. A perfect occupation for a Saturday night.

A bike tour around the city

How often do you stroll around notable spots in your town? It is fine if you go for such family walk at least once in a month. However, after few times this activity can become boring. Is there any way to make a regular excursion more entertaining? Sure! You need to arrange a bicycle tour around your city or some district nearby.

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At first, this is great opportunity to teach your children to ride a bike if they cannot. At second, this type of sports activities is favourable for every child and teenager. And finally, a bicycle ride will let you discover your home city from another perspective. Don’t forget to grab some sandwiches and juice to have a break in a park after such exhausting excursion.

Fishing and picnic

Spend your weekend in suburbs or a countryside and have a rest from noise and stress that follows you every single day. Grab or rent fishing rods, take products for barbecue, and treat yourself to rest in the wild. Spending a day or two outdoors is also very useful for the younger generation. Make the best of your picnic and teach your children something good. Discover new types of plants, insects, and birds; learn how to tie knots, make fire, read a map, and navigate in a forest. Finally, develop your fishing and cooking skills together.

A movie night

Watching films is one of the most pleasant and entertaining ways to discover this world. Many parents educate their children by letting them watch classic cartoons and movies. It broadens a mindset, develops a sense of esthesis, and demonstrates different life situations and the ways they can be solved. A fun fact from show business: mother of Quentin Tarantino as he was a boy let him watch as many movies as he asked just because he loved them very much. As a result, he became one of the greatest directors and writers today because of his obsession with cinematography.

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So, all you need for a great time on a weekend is to choose the most favourite pictures, make some popcorn or order a pizza, and enjoy a movie night. It will be better if you discuss every movie together. Let your children tell about their thoughts to teach them how to express their point of view. Please notice, the younger a child is, the more difficult for him or her to comprehend and remember the information. Teenagers can easily watch two or three pictures during one evening.

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