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Top Notch Tips to Exit You from Singlehood in 2019

by Israel Akintunji
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The world indeed seems to change every day, I sat down and subtracted my age from my mother’s age, guess what I discovered.

I could not just approach her immediately, but in my heart, I said to myself “And she will be saying I’m still a kid”

She married early, yes, just at 21, exact age I got admitted into my pre-degree program. Marriage was just very early then.

Today, the reverse is just the case, 30’s now seems to be the average age for marriage, late marriage, high rate of fibroid, due to women’s late marriage have now flooded the society.

Guys and ladies now lament late marriage, while this is caused by so many reasons, chaired by ignorance.

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Today I will reveal top secrets to help you get out of singlehood. These tips are capable of fast-tracking you onto a marital journey.

If you are not in a serious relationship, and your age is burning down like the Chinese candle, then take this seriously.

Below are the five tips that will take that SEARCHING from your portfolio this year 2019:

  • You may need to change your dressing, if you are aspiring to be a wife, you must possess some sense of responsibility, every man wants a prepared lady, dress like a single.
  • Stop the hype, you can update his social life if he’s below yours.
  • Stop the ego, don’t expect your suitors to be better than your economic status.
  • Take note of what goes into your social media accounts, these can go a long way, and it means a lot to guys.
  • Change your location, if you don’t see your suitor coming from around you, please relocate.
  • Join associations, online or offline, volunteer groups, political groups, church units etc
  • Be Receptive

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