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Touching! Couple shares how they lost their sights

by Adenike Akindude
Touching! Couple shares how they lost their sights.dailyfamily.ng

Dailyfamily.ng had an exclusive interview with this blind couple, Mr. and Mrs. Adetunji who suddenly lost their sights after some years in marriage.

Touching! Couple shares how they lost their sights.dailyfamily.ng

Mr and Mrs Adetunji

They both shared their experience on how they have been managing in their state taking care of each other and their children.

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Mr. and Mrs. Adetunji were parts of the beneficiaries at the Aunt Landa Market Square where they got a Laptop which they needed to start a business.

Can we meet you?

I am Adetunji Adesoji Samson

How did you lose your sight?

It was an accident that happened in my office. I read Auto-mechanics, I’m a teacher by profession, I have my NCE and B.sc Ed. I had a workshop that I worked then, so, there was a time I tried to work on the things there and I didn’t know acid was kept somewhere up the shelf. So, while trying to get a paper, it fell on me and since then I have not been able to see. It happened in year 2015.

Were you married then?

We were married but we were not together as at then.

Was your wife born blind?

She was not born like that, she had glaucoma on the right eye and it later affected the left eye.

How have you been coping?

We were taught how to make soaps in a blind school. We make soaps, both tablet and liquid and we try to modify it; I have a sticker that has my business name on it and we have been trying to meet up, though it has not been easy.

How do you get people to buy your soaps?

We go to them. I spend so much on bikes to get to people, I live in Festac, 321 A Close House 7 and there are restaurants around us. We go to meet them; I take it down to them. They tell me we have it and many people can do it but I tell them this one is different, it’s thicker, we do bleach, Izal and disinfectants too. We go to Ojota ourselves to buy the chemicals.

How are you sure they give you the right chemicals?

We know the textures; my wife knows the textures very feel. We feel it and get it.

That means you go together most times

Not most times, we go together all the time; we take bike from our house to second rainbow from second rainbow, they cross us to the other side. From there we take a bus to Ojota, we have a woman that sells chemicals to us at Ojota. When coming back, we get people to help us cross, we take bus to second rainbow and from there we go back home.

How did you meet your wife?

She is from Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. I met while I was in the University. When I met her one eye had gone but I believed with time things will change. Later, we heard that glaucoma does not have cure for now, so, it later started affecting the other eye and that was how the other one left. I don’t know I will be blind too but that is how it has happened but we just have to accept our fate like that.

When did you get married to each other?

We got married about 10 years ago.

Did you have your children before losing your sights?


How do you take care of your children?

We have two children and they are not with us they are with my wife’s sister, they are schooling and doing everything there. Most of the times, they come to visit and we also visit them. We send money to them; we make sure that we send something to them because they are still young. It is a kind of pain to us that we are blind.

The wife:

Can we meet you?

My name is Ekaette Adetunji

How have you been managing?

It’s the grace of God.

How do you make your hair?

I go to the hair stylist.

Did you have any University Education?

No. I stopped at Secondary level but I learnt soap making too. (The husband cuts in “she is better than me”)

What is the next step now?

The next step is that we want to start a business with the Laptop we got.

Touching! Couple shares how they lost their sights.dailyfamily.ng

Mr and Mrs Adetunji receiving a laptop from Aunt Landa

Have you learnt how to operate it?

Yes. For a month now but the course is three months and we need a Laptop while learning but we already have what to do with it.

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