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What True Love is Not

by Gideon Dosu

What True Love is Not

Bisi Adewale
Having gone this far in our description of love, I think it is necessary to really understand what love is; by defining it. Let me tell you some definitions people have been giving to love.
* “Love is when you feel a feeling you have never felt before; toward somebody”.
* “Love is give and take”.
* “Love is a strong feeling of emotion from the heart”.
* “Love is a strong sensation that goes from your head to your heart, through your spinal cord down to your belt when you see someone that touches your emotion.
* “Love is do me I do you”
* “Love is what makes you do crazy things when the door of your heart is opened and your engine room is activated by the beauty of a perfect babe”.
* Love is an arrow that goes straight to the heart when you see or remember somebody whose presence captivates you.
Let us try to check the truth behind all these definitions if we are talking about true love then none of these definitions are correct, most of them define either INFATUATION OR LUST not true love.
– Love is more than a feeling; it is more serious than that. Infatuation more often is based on feeling, having a feeling that you have never felt before is not always equal to being in love, love is deeper than an ordinary feeling. If an affair that is based on feeling leads to marriage, the marriage is likely to crumble when the feeling goes. True love is not ordinary feeling that any little occurrence can change; our feeling is not always prolonged. For example, anger, worry, sadness, happiness, relief, fear etc., are always for a short period, but true love is meant to be for a life time
– Love is more than emotion or sensation. In fact, a sensation that moves from your head through your heart down your belt is not love; it is sexual attraction which is known as Lust.
– Love is never an “arrow” that makes one misbehave when you see or think of the person that captivates you. Rather, love is gentle and patience, it grows without groaning, it doesn’t hurt, not jealous, it is pure and healthy.
– Love is not give and take, not do me; I do



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