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Truecaller: the solution to spam calls

by Family Center
Truecaller: the solution to spam calls

-Adenike Akindude

Truecaller: the solution to spam calls

Truecaller: the solution to spam calls

Globally, spam calls, messages are sent widely on daily basis, these calls or messages mostly are irrelevant and annoying as they are mostly unwanted by users. The present solution to these irrelevant calls is Truecaller. Calls with the same digit can easily be blocked from reaching your line with the help of true caller.
According to report from Truecaller: “Annoying and unwanted spam calls are on the rise around the globe, with Truecaller’s Insights Top 20 Countries Affected by Spam Calls in 2017 report revealing that within large markets such as India, the US, and Brazil, the average Truecaller user receives more than 20 spam calls each month.
“African countries are not excluded from the increase in spam calls and SMSs, and people within markets such as Nigeria and Kenya can just as easily be targeted. In fact, South Africa, Nigeria, and Egypt are all in the top 10 most affected countries.
“Globally, there are common categories that tie all spam calls together, with some of the most common occurring being local scam calls, telemarketing and debt collection calls, and unsolicited finance and insurance product offerings.”
Spam calls in Nigeria come mostly from Telecom companies who make calls through their call center agents so as to sell data plans and promote other offers they have. These kinds of calls cause nuisance and disturbance for users.
Presently, apps like Truecaller helps more than 250 million people around the world to identify callers through caller IDs even if the number is not part of their contacts. Truecaller can be used to block unwanted calls and messages. Now, the world can put a stop to spammers.

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