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Two Common Mistakes Known in Relationships

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Two Common Mistakes Known in Relationships
When in a relationship, it is assumed that you want it to continue and flourish. When that happens, then it can be said that you are enjoying it. But when there is a crack in the relationship some then begin to have a notion at the back of their mind. What fatal thoughts can leas to a breakup in relationship?

1. You just want a relationship

There is a big difference between our needs and wants. When our wants are too much, then our needs cannot be easily satisfied. Just stop and reflect on how this can affect a relationship.

You need someone, you will must have realized that you want that emotional instability to get dawned. When the instability is quenched, do you still feel the urge to be with him/her? IIf the urge then dies off, then there may be an underlining problem.

So get to know the reason why you want to go into the relationship. If it is for sexual passion, then you just want someone and not need someone.

2. Rebounding
When you have an ex, and the brain craves for that partner so much, then you can be likened to someone who craves for drugs. So allowing yourself to be bounded to someone at all cost, any cost can really be damaging to you.

If you break the urge of not thinking about your ex, then you will surely be able to get over the feeling of rebounding.

Determine why you need someone after the last, and make sure that the person you are with now, does not make the same mistakes like you had.

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