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UBER Cab Now A Death Trap As Lady Narrates Her Ordeal

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UBER Cab Now A Death Trap As Lady Narrates Her Ordeal

Bisi Oludare

Uber cabs are no longer safe as some people think, as allegedly reported by a lady, Christabel Bello who shared her ordeal in the hand of a Uber driver who helped thieves in robbing her and drove off after she had been robbed. UBER Cab Now A Death Trap As Lady Narrates Her Ordeal

Christabel wrote:
‘My ordeal in the hand of Uber. My name is Christabel Bello. I live in Warri Delta. I am not so conversant with Lagos. My friend @jokkies_xclusive_fabrics convinced me to use uber. UBER Cab Now A Death Trap As Lady Narrates Her Ordeal

I really have my doubt on uber bordering on security being that Nigeria is a 3rd world country. I used Uber last month, she booked me with her account, I enjoyed the ride no issue whatsoever. UBER Cab Now A Death Trap As Lady Narrates Her Ordeal

On Tuesday, 27th of June I requested that she book Uber again. I actually spent the whole weekend at her house including Monday. The Uber driver Justine was prompt. He got there around 7.30pm. We exchanged pleasantries and we set off. He didn’t ask me anything so I assumed he knew what he was doing.

Suddenly he asked that we were at Apapa should he take the bridge or under the bridge. I was shocked. I responded, what I’m I doing in Apapa? I don’t know anywhere in Apapa and I asked if he knew National Stadium. He said yes then I said when we get there I will direct u. My destination was from Ikoyi to Surulere. He took under the bridge went to a remote place around Ijora, to be honest, I had no clue where we were.

Then we got to a very dark isolated road. There was a bad spot there. Ahead of us was a truck who was avoiding d bad spot maintained left while a public bus with people in it maintained right. To my greatest dismay, he just stopped his vehicle a yard before d bad spot. I beckoned him to carry on right which was manageable.

He ignored me and was looking at his phone. I told him this place is very unsafe please move the car he ignored me. D 2 vehicle ahead of us had left. Shortly after a man emerged from d dark peeping by the back window I was sitting. I pleaded with him to leave d place while I brought his attention to the man looking through the window.

He saw the man but ignored me. I told him severally to move but he did not. D man went to reinforce with another guy. One smashed the window behind from the left and the other from the right where I was sitting. I sustained some cuts. I laid down on d ground face down in d car while they helped themselves with my belongings.

It was when the hoodlums had succeeded in robbing me of my personal stuff that was when he drove through the bad spot. Meanwhile, the bumper and tires were in perfect condition. He took me to surulere I told him to take me to the police station. We went to Bode Thomas police station they now took us to iponri police station.

My suspect was the driver because he had enough time to leave the place. The DPO at iponri police station was very helpful we went to d crime scene but couldn’t locate the exact spot. The driver was detained and the next day Wednesday the 28th the matter was charged to magistrate court ebutemeta.

We went to court, he was granted bail but needed to meet d bail condition.

The matter is adjoined to next month d 24th. The owner of the vehicle named Bassey came to court. I told Bassey all I needed was moneys worth for my personal stuff stolen. He told me I have to deal with only the driver that Uber isn’t liable to compensate me for my loss and traumatic experience.

My friend contacted uber and they also spoke to me on the phone. Swipe left to read their response. My frustration is uber is a win-win organization. Only for the money. They ain’t liable for nothing. I came to Lagos to attend 3 event. I came with my expensive jewelry, Louis Vuitton bag, phone, makeup, perfume, shoe etc all stolen.

I was lucky that my suitcase was in the boot. I was going to my elder sisters place to spend the rest of my visit with her. Uber has nothing at stake here so it’s unwise to patronize uber. No prober security checks are carried out on the drivers, no adequate training etc.

My loss should be well over a million but I doubt if I’m going to recover a penny. Uber is all about the profit. Guys beweary of using uber. I could have been killed.”

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