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Unbelievable: Man forgets his surname during court hearing

by Family Center

Court audience at Abeokuta Grade II Customary Court, Ake on Wednesday were thrilled to a rib-cracking laughter as a young man, father of two, Odukoya Ibraheem wouldn’t remember his father and daughter’s names during a cross-examination by the court.

Odukoya who had filed a divorce suit from his wife of 10 years, Esther Oluyemisi Odukoya, shocked the court President, Chief O.O Akande and the entire courtroom as he wouldn’t remember his name until when he was told to step down from the dock.

Ibraheem had filed a divorce from his wife on the ground of provocation and lack of love in their relationship, in suit number CV/158/2017, hence his prayers for the dissolution of the relationship.

But, drama started when he needed to take an oath which was conducted by the court’s clerk.

For over 30 seconds, when Ibraheem was questioned, he was full of fear and wouldn’t remember his surname nor his children names.

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Dissatisfied with his response, the Presiding Judge demanded he should step down from the dock while the entire courtroom burst into laughter, just as he could not give the required answers.

The drama continued after about an hour when Ibraheem was again called to the dock. Initially, he responded quickly that his father’s name was Odukoya, but shortly after, he became more confused.

“It was fear sir. My father’s name is (Ogun)koya. No. Odukoya sir,” he added.

Consequently, the court President stepped down the case, as the embattled complainant was advised to go and memorise his name.

“You have to go and memorize your names very well and come back. Nobody forced you to come and divorce your wife. So, if you do not know your name very well, the punishment for you is to go and memorize it before this court can attend to your case,”.

Akande finally ruled.

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