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Unbelievable! See What Happened to a Wedding Where Guests Pay Gate Fee to Attend

by Oba Samuel
Unbelievable! Wedding Where Guests Pay Gate Fee To Attend

Unbelievable! Wedding Where Guests Pay Gate Fee To Attend

A bride simply identified as Susan may have broken the record after she billed guests invited for her wedding $1,500 dollars each if they are to attend.

According to the news agency of Nigeria, the bride and her husband-to-be were looking to raise 45,000 dollars to add to their 15,000 dollars so as to hold their dream wedding which was to cost them 60,000 dollars.

All seemed rosy at first with 8 guests responding and sending in their cheques of 1,500 dollars each.

However, the bride had to cancel the wedding in frustration after many other guests failed to respond to their plea, even when the bride reduced the fee from 1,500 dollars and also attempting to raise money with a go fund me account.

The woman’s outburst and frustration over the incident has gone viral on social media and has received a massive response after being shared on Facebook and Reddit by a woman identified as the bride’s cousin.

The Facebook post starts with, “It comes with great sadness that I am announcing the cancellation of the [censored] Wedding. I apologise for cancelling only 4 days beforehand.”

The bride revealed that she and her fiancé have broken up “due to some recent and irreparable problems” before going on to blame her friends and family for ruining her marriage and life.

The woman explained the couple met when they were 14 years old and worked together on her family’s farm.

They then went to community college and worked and saved to “become financially stable.”

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“We managed to save up nearly $15K for a wedding. Since our love was like a fairy tale, we wanted an extravagant blow out wedding, one where our son could be included,” the woman wrote.

“We started touring venues and were torn between two. A local psychic told us to go with the more expensive option, and we thought why the hell not?”

“Our dream wedding amounts to 60K – all included with flights to Aruba. All we asked was for a little help from our friends and family to make it happen.”

The 17-paragraph outburst said the pair “specifically asked for cash gifts” from the guests.

“How could we have OUR wedding that WE dreamed of without proper funding? We’d sacrificed so much and only asked each guest for around $1,500.”

The bride also explained she “made it CLEAR. If you couldn’t contribute, you weren’t invited to our exclusive wedding. It’s a once and a lifetime party.”

Much to the bride’s dismay, she and her fiancé quickly discovered that people were not willing to pay $1,500 to attend their special day.

“So we sent out RSVP’s and only 8 people replied and sent us the cheque. How was this supposed to happen without a little help from our friends,” she wrote.

“Desperately, we resent our invites and asked people to donate what they could. I mean seriously people, what is $1,000? What is $1500? Clearly, not a lot,” she continued.

“We also set up a go fund me. That only got us $250. At this point, we were exhausted, tired.”

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