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Understand why pregnant women become more sensitive

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Understand why pregnant women become more sensitive

Understand why pregnant women become more sensitive
During pregnancy, women become more sensitive due to the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy, which are about 30 times greater than in the menstrual cycle when PMS occurs.

In addition, there is both the joy and the pressure of responsibility for carrying a life in the womb and being responsible for it throughout life, which causes changes in daily routine, work planning, and family budgeting.

Changes during pregnancy
The first trimester is the hardest and most mood swings, as it is the time when hormonal change is most drastic, as well as when a woman has to get used to the idea of ??pregnancy and adjust to the new life.

From the 20th week onwards, hormones begin to stabilize and women’s moods and moods improve. However, in the third trimester the hormones peak, being accompanied by anxiety with childbirth and preparations to receive the baby.

In addition, rapid belly growth brings problems like back pain, trouble sleeping and constant tiredness, making stress and irritability greater.

What does baby feel
In general, the baby is not affected by the mother’s mood swings in pregnancy, but if the woman’s stress is too intense, it can cause changes in the immune system and decrease the baby’s protection from infections and illnesses during the period.

In addition, excessive stress at the end of gestation causes the muscles to always contract, which may favor premature labor. However, these cases are rare and affect only women who are experiencing serious problems such as physical aggression of the partner.

How the partner can help
To help in this period, the partner needs to be patient, caring and caring, following the whole evolution of pregnancy closely, to be able to perceive the changes suffered by the woman and give the necessary support.

So it is important for the companion to go to prenatal appointments, help with the preparations at home, and invite the woman to make programs for two such as going to the movies, going to the park or visiting friends, activities that help maintain the health of the relationship of the couple.

However, if the mood swings are too strong and the woman starts to isolate herself and loses her desire to do common activities, it can be a sign of depression in pregnancy.

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