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Understanding children’s development (from age: 0 to 3years)

by Family Center

* 0 – 6months (Sensory Learners)
– Infants absorb the world around them
– there visual & auditory skills d even op quickly
– they love reaching and grasping items

* 6 – 10 months(Little Explores)
– they learn to impact their environment
– they develop an understanding ding of cause and effect
– they understand object performance
– they like ball play and singing.

* 10 – 16 months (Budding Communicator)
– they are mobile: craw, stand, cruise & alk
– they learn to communicate with hand movements, sounds and words.
– favourite toys may include instruments & push and pull toys.

* 16 – 22 months (Problem Solvers)
– they figure out how the world works
– Their curiosity is insatiable
– they crave repetition and find security in routines
– they are content with boxes, spray bottles and climbing of furniture.
– they enjoy playing games with trusted adult
– favourable items activities may not include toys at all.

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* 22 – 28 months (Creativity Thinkers)
– they enjoy pretend play
– they utilization creativity, symbol thinking & imagination
– they support their development by playing along with them

* 28 – 36 months (Logical Thinkers)
– they add sequence, order, and rules to the Creative Thinkers
– their imaginations take off and can create their own sceneries for everything.
– they begin to socialise with peers and provide many opportunities for friend interaction.

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