by Seyi Babalola

By Bisi Adewale

If your marriage must be the best, you must understand what your roles should be and the roles of your Spouse and go-ahead to perform these roles to the best of your ability. I will be showing you here the types of roles in marriage.

1: GENDER SPECIFIC ROLES: These are roles that are specified by nature or culture as the roles of each gender in marriage and Family. In most cultures Wives are the ones to cook, while the Husbands are the ones to supply to meet the needs of the Family, these are gender roles. You need to understand this deeply and perform your own roles base on the scripture, nature and culture.

2: COLLAPSE ROLES: We also have some roles that are not gender-based but can be performed by any of the people in the Marriage and Family. For example, taking care of children should not be seen as a Female gender role but a collapse where both husband and Wives will go all out to take care of their children.

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3: HELP ROLES: These are roles that are taking to be gender roles but are taking up by the other party to help his or her spouse. For example, while cooking is generally seeing as the duty of a Wife and paying bills are seeing as the duty of a Husband, it is great and Wise to step into these territories to help each other, the Husband can step into the Kitchen to prepare nice and delicious dinner for his Family and the Wife can take up the roles of paying Bills, this will make the Marriage better and stronger and the Couple will be closer and intimate.

4: LOVE ROLES: Love roles are those roles Husband and Wives suppose to play for each other out of love for each other. Some of them are motivation, encouragement, prayer for each other, Romance, tantalizing sex, etc.


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