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Understanding 5 love Languages of Women in Marriage

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Expressing love to your Woman is beyond those three phrases often said, ‘ I love you’. I love you seems to have become a cliché for most people, but then understanding your partner’s live language helps you communicate well in marriage.


The love language of your spouse most of the time are abstractly received in that, the gestures most of the time are feelings and spoken words too. They can also come in the form gift


Here are some 5 Love languages you


  1. Service

Some women in marriages don’t actually need your money. They are to some extent particular about you helping them fix things. This happens especially when they can’t help themselves. They are to any help at that time as a show of love to them. When you help a woman lift your baggage she feels loved and will smile at such good gesture.

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2. Shopping

You don’t joke with some women where shopping is concerned. They get more feeling of being loved when you we decide to take them out on shopping. It is not that some cannot afford it, but feels remembered when you bring the idea of taking them out on shopping. A lady gets more dazed when you shock her with a shopping cart filled with all her groceries and things necessary for her upkeep.


3. Sweet words

The easiest way love is communicated to a woman is via your clever delivery of words. Everyone loves to be a recipient of sweet words, but it does more healing to the soul of a woman.


4. Teasing

Some just love to be teased, played with or be funny. Women often like funny spouse and it in a way softens any lingering pressure in their heart.

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5. Dates

Some women might prefer dates above all other things you might have to offer. This class of women

Feels love when you take them out especially to places they have not been before. They love you more when you make it a special treat with some taste of the fun to spice it up.

One of the same which wasn’t mentioned in this list is also poetry. Poetry can actually be a stronger force which will keep your woman ever thinking about you. You never know how much poetry can do until you invoke it into your relationship with your woman. Remember women are delicately made and then there is the need to know what they want and giving it in the right order

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