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Vital Care And Tips For Storing Your Underwears

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Vital Care And Tips For Storing Your Underwears
After caring for a underwear’s, what other tips do you need for storing your underwear. Following are the main precautions with the storage of underwear:

1. Intimate items should be stored in a separate drawer away from everyday clothing, socks, and even beachwear such as bikinis, swimwear, and cangas.

2. Panties and bras should be stored in an airy place, preferably in TNT bags, which ensure good ventilation of the parts. “The word intimate says everything. A piece that is in direct contact with your intimacy needs to be separated from other parts due to fungi, dust, bacteria etc.

3. When traveling, it is interesting to take the panties in a bag of TNT, for example, separated from other pieces in the suitcase.

4. The bras should also be carefully stored in the suitcase.

5. In some stores you can find so-called “bras cases”. They allow the bras to be taken separately from the other pieces in the suitcase and still guarantee more durability to the pieces (since they will not knead them).

6. To travel, it is interesting that each bikini is carried in your bag.

7. It is interesting that, after drying, the panties are ironed, since the high temperature eliminates the bacteria that may have survived the wash.

8. Soaps and perfumers should not be used in drawers where underwear is worn because they can cause allergies in some people.

Extra care with underwear
When a person buys a new clothing it is normal that you want to wear it sooner. But in the case of underwear this is not indicated. It is essential that pieces such as panties, bras, bikinis etc. Are washed before use, after all, were in another environment previously and possibly had contact with other people.

Another point that deserves a lot of attention is the fact of lending or borrowing intimate pieces. This is not indicated, so that nobody runs the risk of contracting infections and even some diseases, such as the HPV virus.

Not even the bras should be shared. As the name says, underwear is very personal. Each person should have their own and take care of them with full attention. After all, this is another way to take care of health.

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