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Ways to effective family communication

by Abbey Lily
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Communication is the major key to build a successful family and in any family where communication is not taking place, frustration will be the order of the day. For families to communicate effectively there must be effective couple’s communication. As husband and wife, you must work on the way you relate because it will eventually rub on the way your family communicates.

If you hardly talk as a family, you will always fight and negative words will take over. It is assumed that in during family talk, the father is usually the person to chairman the process as the head of the family.

Listed here are ways to effective family communication

1. Know areas that are important: in getting the attention if every family member, you must pick topics of interest to a larger percentage of the family.

2. Communicate clearly: let there be no ambiguity during communication, communicate clearly and freely. Don’t cut corners, be straightforward and be honest. Say things as they are and let communication be in truth

3. Let them feel important: make the family feel important by letting them know you have their interest at heart and not for selfish interest. When they know it is for their good, they will be open to contribute when there is need.

4. Pick a convenient time and place: let there be time for it. Create time before the day and let everyone be aware so as to prepare themselves for it and make it lively so that they can always look forward to the family time of communication

5. Talk with love and respect: during communication don’t shout anybody down, talk to and not talk at people. Let communication be of love and respect. Yes, children need to be respected too, by that they feel important

6. Use age-appropriate style: you cannot get children fully in family communication if you don’t come down to their level. Use words they will understand during communication

7. Control your emotion: let your emotion be under check even when they are not doing things as you want

8. Let there be communication balance: in communication, the balance comes when we have someone talking and someone listening. So you must pay rapt attention.

9. Model what you expect: you and your wife must model what you want to see in the children during family communication. While communicating as a couple, don’t shout at each other or do blame game.

10. Communicate frequently: to get good result, let there be frequent, constant and continuous communication with mutual understanding and agreement

11. Embrace the ultimate level of communication: there are three levels of communication which you must use in your family for communication to be effective.
a. You must talk with love, respect and not at each other
b. Discuss with each other which is deeper than just talking. Here you look at thing from different perspectives
c. Brainstorming sessions must also be involved. Brainstorming is the highest level of communication where you are patient, considerate, rule out emotion and logic, look at issues from all angles both visible and invisible, sleep over issues for better result and here nobody is the head but the information at hand which can give the family headway to the next level.
You must always remember that your family is a nation and you must build a team that works. Without effective communication, having a good family system and structure might be impossible.


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