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What you should wear during rainy season

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What you should wear during rainy season

Adenike Akindude

Nigeria is moving fully into the season of heavy downpour, it is important for you and your children, therefore, to dress appropriately during this period so as to avoid unnecessary embarrassments.

Longer jackets help you stay dry
An umbrella can prevent rain from beating you directly, but it can’t cover the entire body, so try a jacket that can cover your body. A mid-thigh jacket will cover your body to some extent.

Dress more in dark colors
If you live in a city like Lagos where rain does not announce it’s coming, you should note that your trousers should be more of dark color that can be wiped easily when stained with dirt.

Wear fast drying cloths
For this season, put on cloths that will dry up in no time if you are beaten by rain so your day will not be messed up as wet cloth can cause embarrassment.

Keep your children warm
You can’t tell if the rain will fall when your children are in their schools or anywhere else. To prevent cold from getting into them you should ensure they go around with their sweaters or cloth that can keep them warm this season.

Use the right accessories
Selecting the right accessories can save a lot on a wet day. Make use of nylon based bags as you carry your leather handbags and also avoid wearing metal jewelry to prevent them from rusting quickly.

Make use of raincoats
Raincoats are water resistant materials that shield you from the rain. You can always have them in your bag so you can make use of them when the need arises. It is advisable you also get for your children.

Get shower caps
For ladies, you might have forgotten your umbrella but you must keep your shower cap with you to prevent rain from entering your

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