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Weekend Delight: How to cook Scent Leave (Efinrin) Soup

by Adenike Akindude
how to prepare Scent Leave (Efinrin) soup

Weekend Delight: How to cook Scent Leave (Efinrin) Soup

By Adenike Akindude

This weekend, what we have to offer your kitchen is how to cook Scent Leave (Efinrin) soup.

Scent Leave or Efinrin Soup is a medicinal soup as it gives fully all the nutrients and health benefits that can be found in scent leaves.

The Misconception about the soup is that it is bitter but it is not, depending on how you prepare it. here is how to cook Efinrin soup.

Ingredients for cooking Efinrin Soup:

  1. Scent Leaves or Efinrin ( the quantity depends on how plenty you want your soup to be)
  2. Red Palm oil
  3. Egusi (optional)
  4. Dry fish
  5. Smoked fish or fresh fish
  6. Cray fish/stock fish
  7. Scent pepper or small pepper (ata ijosi) in little quantity.
  8. Beef and assorted meats or any other kind of meat you desire
  9. 1 Ginger/Garlic
  10. Locust beans (Iru or Ogiri)
  11. Salt and any seasoning you choose.


Before cooking,

  • Wash your scent leaves very well to remove dirt.
  • Rinse the egusi well in water too.
  • Cut your scent leaves into pieces with the egusi, scent or small pepper, garlic and ginger, Cray fish and grind all together in a blender.
  • Rinse the fish or wash if using fresh fish.
  • Boil the meat you want to use with salt and seasoning. Keep the stock.


How to cook?

  • Pour the ground mixture of scent leave, egusi, pepper, cray fish, and ginger in a pot and place on fire.
  • Add meat, fish- stock fish, dry fish, fresh fish, and smoked fish to the soup on fire.
  • Add the stock to the soup.
  • Rinse the locust beans and add it to the soup.
  • Before adding salt, check the taste of the soup first. If there is need to add salt, add it with any seasoning of your choice.
  • Pour red palm oil of little quantity on the soup.
  • Cover the soup for 15 minutes and your nutritious Efinrin soup is ready.

You can enjoy your Efinrin soup with Pounded Yam, Garri (Eba), Amala, Semolina, Fufu or White rice.


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