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Weekend Delight: How to make Agidi (Eko) jollof

by Adenike Akindude
Weekend Delight How to make Agidi (Eko) jollof.dailyfamily.ng

Agidi jollof can be enjoyed by your family instead of moin moin. It is a combination of pap and pepper with beef which makes a special delicacy. Try it out and enjoy the delicacy.

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Ingredients for Agidi jollof:

Pap (2 scoops)

Rodo (2 pcs)

Tatase (2 pcs)

Tomato (2pcs)

Onions (1pc)

Beef (with bone)

Vegetable oil (3tablespoons)

Seasoning as you prefer

1 pinch salt

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How to prepare Agidi jollof

  • Wash the meat, chop half of the onions and add to the meat, add seasoning and boil the meat with little amounts of water till the bone softens.
  • Blend the remaining half of the onion with rodo, tatase and tomato till it is smooth and then put aside.
  • Pour the vegetable oil in your saucepan with over a medium heat and fry the blended tomato and pepper for 3 minutes.
  • Pour in the meat with the bones and the stock with little water so it can cook.
  • Mix the pap with water to form a paste, reduce the heat to low. Add the paste into the tomato mixture and stir consistently. Increase the heat gradually as the mixture gets thicker.

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Put it down from the heat after it has all thickened up into pap. Wash your broad leaves and scoop it into the leaves. Allow it t cool down and you can serve your delicious Agidi jollof.

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