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What does it REALLY mean to dream that your spouse is cheating on you?

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What does it REALLY mean to dream that your spouse is cheating on you?
Dreams are sometimes so real that they even affect your emotions when you wake up. And nothing makes you mad as dreaming is being betrayed by your spouse. Even after realizing it was just a dream, it is difficult to get rid of those feelings.

If you dreamed that your wife or husband was cheating on you, know that you are not alone in having that kind of dream. They are super-ordinary dreams – and usually, do not mean that your spouse is involved in an illicit relationship. Dream experts explain what this dream means (and what it does not mean):

Dreaming of betrayal has to do with what is happening inside you. Unfaithfulness is a betrayal of trust, a broken promise. Betraying is lying. When you have these dreams, ask yourself could you be deceiving yourself.

Your spouse is not dedicating enough time to you
Sometimes you dream of betrayal because you feel neglected. If your spouse is spending more time than you think he should spend on work, with friends or on a hobby, that feeling of being passed back by your spouse in relation to the time spent might be infiltrating your dreams.

You may be in a transition of beliefs
Everyone goes through transitions of beliefs in life. When you are beginning to see the world in a new way, replacing some of your old thoughts with new ideas, it may make you feel guilty. You may not recognize this consciously, but your subconscious is dealing with these feelings – so dreams of betrayal.

You do not trust yourself.
Do you trust yourself to do the right thing? If it is you who are cheating on your dreams, it may be because you are feeling insecure about making correct decisions.

You have suffered a loss recently (or someone close to you went through it)
When you suffer from the death of a loved one, a divorce, or some other kind of separation, you may be extremely concerned about losing your spouse. Even if you do not worry about infidelity in real life, dreaming about it can be a way of worrying about losing your love.

It’s an obvious thing. If you are too afraid to be betrayed, it is likely that this feeling will sometimes manifest in your dreams – even if you trust your partner.

What to do
These types of dreams are not notices that an infidelity is about to happen. Instead, it’s a good opportunity to look around you and try to figure out what could be triggering those dreams, and having conversations with yourself or with your husband or wife in order to correct what is wrong.

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