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Spirit Husband: What Every Lady Should Know

by Oba Samuel

Spirit Husband: What Every Lady Should Know

Oba Samuel  

The case of spirit husband has taken roots for several years in the lives of many ladies before they get to know about it which makes it difficult to defeat it. In order to stop the secret havocs in your life, you need to know these truths:

  1. Spirit husband is a demonic spirit, So, it can’t be detected by medical doctor or scan. This is the reason many denied its existence. They are wicked demons which deal with their victims without mercy. You will need a spiritual power which is resident only in the name of Jesus Christ to overcome them.
  2. They easily attack through sex: The easiest gateway they use in entering into the life of a lady is through sexual intercourse. If you are the type that give-in to sex for money or to every Tom-Dick and Harry, you can easily become a victim without knowing.
  3. Receiving gifts from Men is a risk factor: As a lady, it’s better for you to realise that receiving gifts from different men put you at a risk of becoming a victim. Especially, gifts like clothes and underwears which can easily make you susceptible to spirit husband.
  4. They can Plague with sexual immorality: At times, when they get hold of a victim, it can make a lady to become promiscuous. That is the reason some ladies are full of sexual immorality even when they gain nothing from it. They may not like that kind of lifestyle but they lack the willpower to stop because there’s an evil force of spirit husband behind it.
  5. It can make you hate getting married: Some spirit husbands are so jealous to the point that they will plaque their victim with hatred towards men and getting married. Men may be begging for their hands in marriage but they will keep turning it down without a course.
  6. It Stirs up violence and confusion in marriage: Even if a spirit man allows some ladies to get married, it can be the cause of misunderstanding, violence and confusion between the husband and wife. This incessant fight can lead to murder, separation or divorce as no physical mediation will be able to address it.
  7. It can cause financial depression in the family: Due to hot jealousy, the spirit husband at times may cause financial difficulty in a family as he makes the physical husband lose his job or experience total loss and collapse of business without knowing the root cause. It will make all doors of help and opportunities to be shut against such a man.
  8. It can cause Incessant sickness: In the lives of the children and husband, it can stir up incessant sickness that will make the wife to be carrying her children and spouse in and out of the hospital. Some can be so brutal to the point of causing cancer, liver or kidney problem which kills within the shortest time and also killing the children.
  9. It causes a problem with woman’s fertility: Spirit husband can cause barrenness, series of miscarriages, fibroid and other reproductive problems in a woman. It can also make a woman detest having sex with her real husband despite the fact that the husband is loving and caring.
  10. As a lady, don’t joke with your dream life: Take your dreams serious, if you have been dream of swimming in a river, eating with a man, bathing with a man, carrying a baby, delivering a baby, getting married, breastfeeding or havingsex in the dream, you really need to wage a spiritual war over the spirit husband.

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