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What Every Woman Wants In A Relationship

by Kufre Ekpo

You have often heard it said that the second most important decision you will make in life is whom you will marry after receiving God as your personal savior. This choice will contribute to your future happiness and whether you will serve the Lord with full potentials.

Most women that I know are either looking for a husband, content with the one they have, or wishing they had a better one. So, how do you know what exactly every woman want?

In this article, I am going to share with five things every woman wants in a relationship.

1. Ability to shoulder responsibilities:

A woman wants who can take charge. She won’t try to lead the relationship unless the man fails to do so. She wants a man who is the superintendent in the home, a provider for the family and a dad for her children.

Notably, a woman wants someone who can take responsibility for his actions, a real man who is dependable and trustworthy. She wants her husband to be the priest, prophet and king at all times.

2. Someone who make time for her:

One of the things a woman hate most in a relationship has to do with a man who marries his job, who is too tired to do anything when he gets home. Woman feel loved and appreciated when their husband spend quality time wither her.

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3. Someone to communicate with:

Women appreciate gifts such as jewelry, clothes and perform, but what they want appreciate even more are men with whom they can communicate, with whom they can share their fears and emotions. Women want men who will praise them, pamper and cherish them.

4. Commitment:

When it comes to the issue of commitment, a woman wants a man who will be committed to her forever; a man who won’t cheat on her as a girlfriend or commit adultery. She needs a man that can be trusted with other women.

5. Consistency in a relationship

Consistency breeds trust and reliability in a relationship. Know why you fell in love with her in the first place. Was it the way she looked? Was it something she did that touched you? Treat her the exact way you did when you went after her and when you started dating her. Women usually feel that the other party has changed because he stopped showing certain gestures that he used to always show (e.g buying her flowers, sending her home, saying “I love you” everyday) just because he has ‘gotten’ her.

She probably fell in love with you because of such acts of kindness, and when you stop doing them, she starts to feel something missing in the relationship. So don’t ever start behavioural patterns that you can’t maintain or commit to because you’ll only be setting expectations for the future.

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