Mrs Bisi Ajayi, a Legal practitioner and child advocate who had 15 years of waiting after she got married in the year 1998 and now a mother of twin boys shared her experience in an exclusive interview with

“When they call me Mummy twins, I still wonder who are they referring to”-Mrs Bisi Ajayi-Kayode
Mrs Bisi Ajayi-Kayode

She spoke about how she and her husband went through a lot of trauma and sorrow through the 15 years journey of childlessness and now she is a mother of twins.

She shared her experience in this interview:

Can we meet you?

I am Mrs Bisi Ajayi, I am a Legal practitioner and a child advocate.

Tell us about your 15 years of waiting

I got married in February 1998, the experience was quite challenging and traumatic but with faith in God, having a good support from my parents, my siblings and the support of my parents in the Lord, Bishop Mike and Peace Okonkwo.

I thank God for my husband, it got to a stage, he gave his advice that we should go and adopt and I said no, God has spoken and we will hold Him by His word. I was having a number of fibroid surgeries that got him scared as they were life threatening, so, we kept holding on until finally after 15 years God blessed with twin boys.

How was the experience like?

The first day when I was told I nearly fainted as I could not believe it, two days later I went to the hospital to ask that are you sure I am pregnant and they yes you are.

The day I put to bed, Oh my! It was tears of joy, up till now when they call me Mummy twins, Mama Ejima, Iya Ibeji, I still wonder who are they referring to? God in his infinite mercy gave me double for my trouble.

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How has been the experience raising the boys?

Wow! Fantastic, fantastic; you know when you look back, God made me to forget the 15 years of trauma, the frustration, pain, sorrow and agony, He filled the gap with Joy, anytime I see them, no matter what comes my way I say God, if you could allow me to have these children, there is nothing you cannot do.

How do you balance your career with parenting now?

There is balancing, I had to stay at home for about two to three years, doing some small businesses and private partnerships to get them stabilized a bit and now I’m back into child advocacy.




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