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When To Do An Ultrasound For Your Baby

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When To Do An Ultrasound For Your Baby
From the 5 weeks of pregnancy the doctor can perform a transvaginal ultrasonography to observe the gestational sac and verify if the gestation is developing inside the uterus, because in some cases, ectopic pregnancy can occur, which is when despite the woman being pregnant The baby is developing in the fallopian tubes, which is very serious and puts a woman’s life at risk.

If the doctor has not done ultrasound before, between 8 and 13 weeks of gestation should ask for this test to also confirm the gestational age and when the baby should complete 40 weeks, which should be the expected date of delivery.

In this exam the baby is still very small and little can be seen, but it is usually very exciting for parents. It is too early to know the sex of the baby, but if the doctor suspects that he is a boy, it is likely to be, but it still needs to be confirmed at the next ultrasound in the second trimester of pregnancy around 20 weeks.

Well, it is important to note that the earlier you know the sex, the better your chances of making preparations for the coming baby. In this way you would indeed be happy you know earlier. Although, please note that too much exposure to the th rays from the light could affect the health of your baby.

Tell us your first experience when you had an ultrasound.

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