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When You Cant Sleep At All, What Can You Do?

by Family Center

When You Cant Sleep At All, What Can You Do?
While anti-insomnia tea may be effective for short periods when you can not sleep, chronic insomnia needs medical follow-up.

Poorly slept nights in sequence can cause or aggravate mood disorders and health problems, as well as increase the propensity for accidents, impair memory and reduce a person’s productivity.

In addition to being associated with stress, insomnia may also have its cause in anxiety disorders and depression, which require medical treatment. Other conditions that can lead to difficulty falling asleep are lung diseases, gastroesophageal reflux, arthritis, cancer, thyroid disorders, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

Another factor that increases the propensity for insomnia is age. In general, older people are more easily awakened by noises or changes in the environment than young people. In addition, when they are not very active, the elderly tend to take naps during the day, which hinders sleep at night.

Still, it is necessary to consider that the elderly usually make use of more drugs than the young, and some of these substances can lead to insomnia.

If you feel that your difficulty going to sleep goes well beyond a few nights time and time again, you are advised to seek medical help. You can consult your trusted clinician or seek a neurologist, psychiatrist or a clinic specializing in sleep disorders.

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