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Why do we need physical activities in our lives? A complete guide to staying healthy

by O. S David

Running a marathon or lifting heavy weights aren’t the only ways to stay healthy. Fitness is a vital aspect that leads to a healthy life. However, you cannot narrow the word to only a few concepts. It is more than just building muscles or toning abs. The real definition is quite the opposite. For an average person, the idea is quite simple. It is to enjoy life while staying healthy. Moreover, leading a healthy life also depends on your emotional and mental activities too.

The concept of physical health described by the doctors encompasses three vital parts that are staying fit mentally, physically, and emotionally. Emotions impact our lives. Living a stressful life can affect your physical health. The pressure of emotional strain results in diseases by causing certain deficiencies in the body. Mental stress is the source of many illnesses like Cardiac attacks, ulcers, and digestive problems. However, a person enjoying a well maintained and healthy lifestyle can counter such diseases.

In light of the above discussion, leading a healthy life comes with many benefits. And physical activity is the best way to achieve that.

It eliminates regular doctor’s visits.

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Sitting and enjoying a delicious apple doesn’t guarantee good health. However, combined with a physical struggle, it is the best diet that eliminates the frequent doctor’s visits. Studies reveal that sitting and watching the television for five straight hours every day increases the risk of heart diseases by 70%. Putting an end to regular doctor’s visits, physical activities can save you a lot of money. You don’t have to spend money on expensive prescriptions and medicines.

Uncontrolled blood pressure is one of the many reasons that can cause cardiac arrest. Exercise regularly to maintain the proper blood flow throughout the whole body. Walking is the best way to remain healthy. Walking for 1500 steps keeps the heart-healthy that adds many years to your life.

Maintains your physical shape

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Your body needs regular activities. Without physical activities, the body tends to lose its stamina and strength required for proper functioning. Regular exercise keeps the joints, muscles, and bones in motion. The muscles need oxygen supply for proper functioning. Through workout, oxygen keeps circulating in every muscle that lifts the strength and stamina of the body. And with strong muscles, you can perform certain physical activities.

Overweight is the root of many diseases. With a proper workout, your body’s power to digest the food that is metabolism increases. It eliminates many illnesses from the clotting of veins to worn joints. Staying in shape increases your confidence and keeps you happy. You can develop new relationships and seek out healthy activities that assist you in living the best life.   

Exercise eliminates many joint issues. Maintaining a healthy life decreases the risk of bone diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis. Without proper training, your muscles become still. Sitting idly for many hours in an uncomfortable position can increase the risk of bunions. The treatment can be quite extensive. Bunion surgery recovery time usually takes 6-8 weeks.

Keeps you fresh and happy

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From relieving the body from stress to decreasing depression, physical activities are the best mood lifters. You can even feel good mental sensations through a workout that results in reducing the anger and fighting stress.

Therefore, by including light exercises such as walking or running in your daily routine, you can eliminate the risk of heart diseases. These physical exercises keep you fit and healthy. And if you are looking to start an excessive workout, it is better to consult a fitness instructor first.

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