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Why Some Brides Are Under Tension

by O. S David

Why Some Brides Are Under Tension

-Bisi Oludare

Preparing for marriage could be naturally stressful and it could be an easy walk away for other people depending on how well the lady involved manage herself prior to the time.

Wedding ceremonies are just a day or two and you cannot afford to wear yourself out by being under tension. Here are some reasons why you might be under tension before and even on your big day.

Lack of effective preparation, some brides think they are prepared but at the end of the day they get stressed out with little issue and this gets them destabilized.

Trying to figure out who should be on their bridal list, this is one aspect that gets you worn out. The truth is whether you have a bridal train or not, that does not determine the success of your wedding or even the marriage. Everybody will like to be in your train but you must be wise enough to know what you want and pass it across without trouble

Listening to too many people and trying to please them all can cause another tension for you. It is a beautiful thing to have people helping you out with one or two things but it will have a great effect on you when you listen to the suggestion from every Tom, Dick & Harry and then you keep changing your original plan to please them. Girlfriend, you will breakdown ooo!

Planning your wedding with what you don’t have because you want to beat your friend. This is another way ladies put unnecessary stress on themselves. You are not trying to please anybody by having a big society wedding or having a small one, get that clear and have your wedding on your own budget


The stress of getting Aso-Ebi for friends and families could be tiring. I have a friend who when planning for her wedding some years ago had many people asking for Aso-ebi even though she never planned to have one from the onset. She succumbed to the pressure and got herself into what she never bargained for. Besides the tension she put herself through was the fact that many people collected the cloth but never paid while some didn’t complete their payment. Hear this; aso-ebi is good but not compulsory. Whether there is uniform or not, your wedding will still be colourful.

Trying to please everyone, there is no way you can please everybody. Some people will be okay with what you want while some will not. Just go ahead with it once you are sure it is what you and your fiancé want and it won’t have any negative effect thereafter.

Save yourself the stress, start planning ahead, get your close friends involved and don’t be moved by anything. Remember you cannot please everybody.

Just be sure to be happy and look good on your day. You only have to do this wedding once and you cannot afford to look stressed out.


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