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Why We Protested against Buhari- Lawmaker Reveals

by Israel Akintunji

One of the members who protested against the president, Kingsley Chinda, a PDP lawmaker from Rivers, has revealed that one of the reasons behind yesterday’s protest against the president was due to the “insincerity” of the presidency during the implementation of previous budgets, Premium Times reports.

“The presidency has not been fair to Nigerians when it comes to budget and most often they use that to blame the legislature.

“One example is, when it comes to capital releases, you will find out that they have performed very poorly.”

He said having performed so poorly, the president ”still talks about how to turn the economy around when they have not released capital expenditures, what magic are they going to do?

“Today he told Nigerians that they have about N800 billion so far for capital expenditures as against N6.4 trillion, if you calculate that, it will give you about 16 per cent.

“What it means is that they have achieved just 16 per cent release of capital expenditures.”

He further revealed that they discovered from some government agencies that only eight per cent of their 2018 budget was released.

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“The economy cannot move with that kind of practice.”

He frowned at what he described as the executive disobedience to the Constitution ”which placed some agencies under the first line charge”.

He also said the protest was not ‘planned’.

“The protest was not planned, it was spontaneous. This morning, people just felt there was a need for it,” he said.

He said they had the ‘support’ of their colleagues from the ruling APC.

“It is not just about PDP lawmakers, some of the APC lawmakers felt that because they belonged to the same political party with the president, it will not be tidy for them to come to the open.

“They are actually not happy with what is going on in the system,” he added.

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