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Wife got divorced for not remembering her husband’s birthday

by O. S David

Wife got divorced

A man Hope Gumbo, has shocked many as he dragged his wife, Sharon Moyo, 40, to court to end his marriage of 15 years because she forgot about his 45th birthday, in Zimbabwe.

B-Metro reported that, what got to the man was the fact that his wife always remembers other people’s birthday but not his own.

Gumbo said: “I’m devastated, I have been married to her for 15 years but in those 15 years we have stayed together she has never remembered my birthday but I always remember hers and I even spoil her on her birthday. I have been watching her for some time, she remembers her male friends’ birthdays but when it comes to mine she totally forgets and doesn’t care. I don’t know whether she forgets or she does that deliberately to annoy me.”

In self-defense, Moyo revealed that she suspects her husband was having an affair with another lady because no man will want to divorce his wife of 15 years, as he sent her packing over such a petty issue of forgetting his birthday.

The man further disclosed that, even when he reminded her of his birthday she still did not spend the day with him, saying: “At first I thought maybe she had forgotten that it was my birthday but when I reminded her that it was, she refused to go out with me saying that buying a cake and having fast foods was wasting money. Clearly I am not important in her life so she should go to those people she thinks their birthdays are worth celebrating.”

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