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Will you take back a cheating woman or dump her? Read what 5 men think about this

by Okechukwu Liberty

Will you take back a cheating woman or dump her? Read what 5 men think about this

Here are some of the ideas and experiences of men who have cheated on their partners.

Cheating is a terrible thing to do, yet when we’re hopelessly in love, we may not have the strength to leave a cheating lover.


“I’ve brought back a cheating spouse before and regretted it,” Femi stated. She was having affairs with my friends, or at least the ones I thought were my friends, as well as some strangers. I was too preoccupied to see she was having an affair with me, but when she told me, I hoped it would stop, but it didn’t.”


“It depends on how much I love her,” Dare remarked of returning a straying spouse.
I’ve come close to cheating before, but the woman I wanted to cheat with was a good friend, and she wouldn’t allow it to happen. We were simply messing around in my room when the sexual tension arose. If I had cheated that day, I’d like my girl to hear me out, and if she cheats, I’ll hear her out as well.”


“We weren’t dating, but she knew I cared about her and was dedicated to her.” We stopped conversing for a time because the energy was off. When we got back together, I inquired if she had cheated on me with someone else while we were still together, and she admitted that she had.

I didn’t mind because I liked her so much. I had a sneaking suspicion she was cheating, but why should I be? We weren’t dating at the time.”


“If you cheat on me, our relationship will be ruined, and I will probably never look at you the same way again.” However, if the love is good and lasts, we might still discuss it. If I enjoy her personality, we can still have other forms of relationship.”


“No, I’m not going back with an unfaithful partner.” “It depends on who,” he responds after a brief pause. I love someone so much that I’m willing to forgive her if it was simply a one-time incident.”

Annie Idibia talked about forgiving her husband despite him cheating on her new Netflix show, “Young, African, and Famous.”

Because she is a woman, her case is the inverse, yet it is still pertinent.

Nigerians, in the usual manner, took to social media to criticize her and pity her for remaining with her spouse, 2face ‘Innocent’ Idibia. Some even suggested that she should have left him a long time ago as if it were that simple.

Cheating has a variety of psychological consequences for our spouses. It erodes your partner’s self-esteem and makes them appear as willing slaves, but does this always imply that those who cheat on them will be abandoned?

Many people have been cheated on, and even more, have been taken back by the partners they cheated on, demonstrating that cheating isn’t the deal-breaker we think it is. There are numerous aspects to consider. Are they apologetic? or are you willing to put effort into improving your relationship? It’s simple to accept them again if you love them so much.

The truth is that adultery, like forgiveness, is always a choice.

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