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How to Win The Love Of Your Mother-in-law Before Marriage

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How to Win The Love Of Your Mother-in-law Before Marriage

Bisi Oludare

Mothers-in-law are an integral part of marriage, but if as a lady you don’t manage that relationship well, it could either make or break your relationship.

Though a third party, a good relationship with your mother-in-law is very important and you can win the love of your husband by the way you treat his mother.

Some mothers-in-law can really be a thorn in the flesh going by what is obtainable in the society but there is a way you can turn your mother-in-law to your mother-in-love.

Here we will look at how to win the love of your mother-in-law before marriage.

See her as your mother, this is very important. You must address her the way you will address your biological mother because she will soon be your covenant mother by marriage.

Treat, love, care, cater, address, adore, respect, embrace and if possible worship her as you will do your mother.

Call Her regularly, you don’t have to be very rich before you put a call through to her. Try as much as possible that a week doesn’t pass without you knowing how she’s fairing. Make it a habit of calling her, she will be happy with you is you do this.

Don’t wait for her son to call before you remember you haven’t spoken to her in a while. You can pick a particular day of the week or just do the calling any time of the week

Celebrate her special day, one of the days you can celebrate with her is her birthday so don’t forget it. If you can do this well while you are courting her son, it will be part of you to even do it in a big way in marriage

Send her gifts; the reality is we all love gifts no matter how small. If you live far apart, make sure you send her call credit. It is not about how much credit but remember ‘at all at all na im bad.’

Never have the premonition of quarrel towards her. If you have this, you are shooting yourself in the leg and you will get hurt. You don’t need to come with the intention of what you have heard from other people that ‘mothers-in-law’ are devils.

Others people’s mother-in-law might be that devil but not yours. So, go with this good intention and not with the mind of giving it to her as she brings it. That is fighting a battle you will never win

Ask her son about her likes and make sure you shower her with those things. Her son knows her better and so will be able to furnish you with what to do and what not to do

Make sure you don’t take her for granted, if she loves you, love in return. Always sing her praise and whenever she calls you, appreciate and value her calls.

Prayer works wonders too never neglect prayer in all you do. Commit her into the hands of the Lord. Even if she is very good to you, it is a prayer point that she will continue to love you.

Above all be yourself and don’t act, this is reality and not a Nollywood movie. Don’t pretend to be who you are not
Remember, if you don’t get the favour of your mother-in-law before marriage, winning her in marriage will be a hard job.

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