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“With people around me i have learnt to look beyond my disability” – Challenged Lady

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"With people around me i have learnt to look beyond my disability" - Challenged Lady -dailyfamily.ng

Everyone born in life has been left with one puzzle or the other to solve. However, that which came with Precious Anozie a final year student of English Language from the Lagos State University wasn’t easy to solve like one would have expected. Having been born with cataract, she was helped from her formative days in being her best and amazingly she can say she has got an amazing family member who wouldn’t give up on her.

Here is an Exclusive interview she granted DAILYFAMILY Newspaper.


Can we meet you, please?

I’m Anozie Precious, a final year student at Lagos State University.


Can you tell us more about your educational background?

Okay. I started school at age one. Had my primary education at Laja Private school, Idimu, before I had to move down to Auntie Fola school. I had my secondary education at Distinction gate college. I graduated from high school in the year 2014 and was admitted that same year to study English language at Lagos state university.


What has been your greatest joy in life?

I’d say my parents and the people around me. They’re my source Of love, happiness and encouragement.


How do you mean, will you say you won’t be happy without them?

I can’t say I wouldn’t be happy without them, but there are times when I feel down, I just reflect on the good times and their word of encouragement. I must confess, it has made me stronger.


Precious Anozie -dailyfamily.ng

Precious Anozie -dailyfamily.ng


But why will they need to encourage you. What has been your challenge with life?

You know in our society today, people tend to see people with physical challenges as “odd”. Sometimes I’m talking to a person and instead of listening to what I say, he’s trying to get a glimpse of my eye. I get stares from people always and they keep asking the question…”what happened to your eye”. Sometimes I feel I wouldn’t be able to go for what I want because of my condition. But with the people around me, I’ve learnt to look beyond that and see the abilities in me.  I’ve learnt to go for what I’m passionate about irrespective of what people would say or the number of faces that’d stare at me.

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What challenge did you have with your eyes, how did it happen?

It happened when I was 3. I was diagnosed with cataract, a disease that causes gradual blindness. I had managed it for some time using eye drops. The doctors suggested that an operation would be the only solution. We agreed, I was 7 then. During the operation, a mistake was made by the doctors and I lost the eye in the process. When I came out, it only got worse. The right eye was gone. I still use the left now but can only see a bit with it.


What has been the challenging part of your formative days as a young girl?

When my mom had to yell at me to always use the glasses when going out so people wouldn’t notice the eye. It felt like a heavy load to me then. Sometimes she wouldn’t even allow me to accompany her to some places. Most times I got tired of telling people what happened to my eye when they asked.

I had no other challenge, I was a brilliant girl in school and my dad never let me lack anything


How best will you describe your father‘s love all through this trying period?

Unconditional, pure, undiluted.


Did you ever have to adjust to some daily activities based on the challenge with your eye?

Yea, I’m someone that loves reading books a lot. I had to stop reading for long hours. And I never cried too. The doctor said it strains the eye and my parents avoided anything that’d make me cry. I had to stop sweeping too and never moved close to smoke or walked in the sun.


With all these restrictions, what has been your conclusion about life?

Sometimes we have to adjust to situations for our own good, despite how unpleasing it might be.


Are you engaged, single, or searching. How best will you describe your marital status?


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Is it that you are refusing proposals coming your way or you are not just ready?

Hahaha. I’m not refusing proposals. I’m just being careful because I’m at a very delicate phase of my life. I don’t want to be with someone who just wants me as a girlfriend for show off. I want someone who’d add value to my life, who’d influence me positively, someone who will take keen interest in my education and help me achieve whatever path to success I choose to follow. When this person comes along, I’d know.

What do you understand about the term “Preparing for marriage?

To my understanding, I believe it’s being physically and mentally matured to face the hurdles and good times that come with marriage.


What do you see yourself becoming in the next three years?


I see myself on TV screens, I see myself as a good lady who has made a name for herself, and by then I’d be working towards grooming young girls and people with challenges to follow their dreams and become who they wanna be.

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