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How Woli Agba Met His Wife will Shock You

by O. S David
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How Woli Agba Met His Wife will Shock You

Ayo Ajewole popularly known as Woli Agba is a Christian Comedian you will want to listen to over and over again. He is very creative, down to earth and versatile.

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Recently, he celebrated his wedding anniversary. In the spirit of his wedding anniversary, he posted how he met his wife on facebook.

And his story makes an interesting read.

“At a time in my life when fate pointed to me to marry, I pressed the search button in me just to get whoever destiny had chosen for me.
While the search was ongoing, one afternoon when I returned from school and I was zooming pictures on Facebook to try if I could at least pick one of our beautiful sisters on social media as my wife, I heard the voice clearly “YOUR Wife is Not on Social Media, She doesn’t even have a Facebook account”. That sounded local to me. I hardly wanted to conclude I was going to marry a local lady.

I dreamt! I got a name. I started calling our sisters that were just friends to find out whoever had the name even if it was the second name. None had it. I think I met one that had the name but wasn’t sure. She said, though their grandma calls her the name, her parents said it wasn’t part of her name. “I said to myself, your grandma won’t confuse my marriage”. I got an invitation to come to Kogi State with the team, we got to the gate, I was tired but a guy walked up to me to ask for a selfie.

I almost said I was tired but I managed to say Yes cos I hate turning my people down. Little did I know that was the picture that would go bring my wife to the venue. It was her younger brother that requested for the selfie. He got home with excitement to show the sister that Woliagba was around.

After the whole event, my friends and fans wanted to greet Woliagba, while that was ongoing, I singled this lady out in the crowd and said it expressly, “YOU ARE MY WIFE”. She laughed cos she concluded I had started a comedy.

We got talking and while we were talking I asked the question, what’s your profile name on Facebook, She said, I don’t have a Facebook account. What sounded impossible to me, amazingly became possible.

One thing that challenged me about you was that you said yes to me because of my weakness. You have been the best thing that has happened to me. You stood by me and now, It’s one year We raised our hands up as Winners! We got the Victory. Thank you for saying yes to me my lovely wife. One thing is certain, No One can take me from You. I LOVE YOU.

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