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Woman in her mid-forties shares her story how she got pregnant unplanned

by Adenike Akindude
Woman in her mid-forties shares her story how she got pregnant unplanned.dailyfamily.ng

Mrs Temilade Olasinde who got pregnant in her mid-forties unplanned shared her experience on how she got through the process and now she is full of joy after having her baby.

She spoke with the Punch newspaper on how she had a delay of five years before having her second child and surprisingly thirteen years later she became pregnant again unplanned.

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According to her, her first daughter was already in her second year in the University and she had given away all the baby things she had in preparation to being a Grandmother in the future.

Mrs Temilade Olasinde concluded that “motherhood is a divine calling”

She said:

“I was not expecting to be pregnant again. I believed I was done with childbearing and was waiting to nurse my siblings’ children. I was also looking forward to becoming a grandmother someday. I had given out all the baby things in the house that I had nothing left to give or to nurse a new baby. Thirteen years is a long period; I took my mind off getting pregnant. In my daily prayers, I prayed to God to answer the cry of those seeking His face for the fruit of the womb.

To my utmost surprise, I found out I was pregnant sometime in September last year. I actually felt really bad about it and wondered why the pregnancy didn’t go to one of the people I had been praying for. I broke the news to my husband who became happy and he started preparing for the baby’s arrival.

My first daughter is in her second year in the university. In fact, I tried as much as possible to keep the news especially from her because I thought she too would feel bad about it. She was actually not happy when she got to know and her first question was, ‘How will I tell my friends that my mother just put to bed?’ She later surprised me when she became so pitiful and was always giving me words of encouragement.

Despite all I passed through, seeing my baby alive and beautiful gave me joy.  When I heard her cry, all the pain disappeared. Tears of joy trickled down my cheek and the shout of ‘thank you Jesus’ became my only word all through the night.

Now that I have my baby, I say to whoever cares to listen that motherhood is a divine calling and to be chosen by God to be a mother is a blessing. I am forever grateful to God for making me a woman.”

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