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How A Woman led to the downfall of Evans

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How A Woman led to the downfall of Evans

Adenike Akindude

From the history of how most notorious criminals are caught, it is significant to note that women are very useful tools. After all kinds of strategies have been used and it didn’t yield any result, women are invited into the picture and it always ends up in success.

This is not different from what happened in the case of Chukwudumeje Onwuamadike, known as Evans the notorious kidnapper that was exposed by the Nigeria Police Force a few weeks ago. Despite the level of his intelligence, he was captured through one of the numerous women in his life.

He spoke about how the police used one of his girlfriends at first but he suspected that it was a trap and he refused to yield to the temptation. As an experienced kidnapper, he made sure he kept most of the women in his life out of the reach of the officers of the Police Force because he had so much trust that his boys will never expose him.

However, Evans, as he is popularly called, was not strong enough to resist being caught through one of his numerous girlfriends. He explained in an interview with the Press how he was eventually trapped by the Police through pressure from his girlfriend.

He said: “I knew Amaka was used to hunt me down, but I was stupid, I f**ked up. Going to see Amaka was my biggest mistake. It made me fall. It brought my downfall. I ought to have been at the front of that vehicle that took my family to Ghana.”
He explained how his succumbing to pressure from one of his girlfriend, Amaka led to his arrest after so many attempts of the Police to catch him through other women. He explained how Amaka was calling him relentlessly until he had to go see her which led to his capture by the Police

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