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Woman meets her 4-month-old baby dead at daycare; parents beware!

by Adenike Akindude
Woman meets her 4-month-old baby dead at daycare; parents beware of the cause.dailyfamily.ng

A woman from Brazil shared the story of how she met her 4-month-old baby dead on the first day she took her to the daycare. There are certain lessons for parents to learn from her story.

According to the mother, she was only meant to leave her baby at the daycare for two hours but by the time she returned she met her baby dead despite that she received a photo from the employees an hour after she left that her baby was fine.

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When she returned to the daycare, she was informed by the employees that her baby was in a deep sleep and this made her rush to her baby but it was too late.

Doctors tried all efforts to revive the baby but it did not yield any result.

The Medical-Legal Institute of Campinas found out baby Emanuelle died as a result of food suffocation. G1 confirmed that the baby was given much food that blocked her airway; however, the daycare workers told her mother that the baby didn’t take her feeding bottle.

It was found out that the daycare was not licensed to run the business and that the anti-reflux pillow provided by the mother of baby took for her was not used by the workers.

What caused Emanuelle death is called Bronchoaspiration.

Bronchoaspiration occurs when a person swallows food, stomach acid or saliva into their lungs. It can cause suffocation and pneumonia. The strange fluid or much may contain bacteria that affect the lung.

The Symptoms of Bronchoaspiration usually occur within two hours of inhalation. These includes


Breathing noise


Sore throat

Chest discomfort

Night fevers

Chronic cough

Excessive salivation

According to BabyCenter reports these are symptoms of a choking baby:

  • Bluish or purplish skin
  • Hard time breathing
  • Loss of consciousness

When a child is coughing or vomiting, it means the airways are not blocked fully, coughing or vomiting will help the baby to clear the airways.

When a baby chokes, call emergency but before help arrives, You should do the following:

  • Lean the baby forward and pat him on the back with an open hand
  • Put the baby on its back and do chest compressions
  • Repeat the above if the choking still persists.

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