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Woman with two vaginas, wombs gets pregnant finally

by Family Center

Against all odds that she would never be pregnant because of her bizarre reproductive organ complications, Krista Schwab, 32 has taken in and expecting a baby, a development that is still baffling medical doctors.

Doctors said Krista Schwab, 32, would never get pregnant because of complications caused by her rare condition called uterus didelphys.

The horse trainer, who was diagnosed when she was 12, has two vaginas, two cervixes and two wombs. But as she considered IVF, she then discovered to her amazement she was expecting.

Krista from Washington, US, said: “After being diagnosed with uterine didelphys at 12 years old, I knew I had two uteruses and two cervixes. But when I was 30 I found out that I also have two vaginas that are side by side.

For so many years my husband and I cried, prayed and dreamed of having a child. We both had so many breakdowns because we wanted one so much. After probably 1,000 negative pregnancy tests – it got to the point where I gave up wishing anymore.

I normally pray and hope whilst I wait, but this time I lost all hope and didn’t bother… Then I saw it – it was positive. I hit the floor crying.

There’s so many prude comments I get about my vaginas, but what is the upsetting is the link to my infertility. The year I was diagnosed, every single doctor told me that it would be impossible for me to have kids. When I met my husband at 20 years old, I told him I couldn’t have kids.

So the whole time I’ve been together with my husband we didn’t use protection.” Krista is now five months pregnant and expecting a baby boy which is growing in her left womb.

Most women with uterine didelphys have to have C-section but Krista is hopeful she might not need one. She added: “Because of my two vaginas the baby will have to come down the left side vagina.”


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