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What do Women really want from men?

by Family Center
What do Women really want from men?

It has been a general assumption from most African men, especially in Nigeria that all a woman wants from her man is money.

However, an online user has come boldly on a social media platform to debunk that fact, clearing the air that money is actually not all there is a woman needs from a man.


Read his thoughts below:

I have read comments from a lot of Nigerian men on this forum and other platforms on social media that basically assert that all women want from a man is money. These men believe that the only concern the average Nigerian girl has when dating or looking for a man to hook up with is the size of his pocket. But is this really true? Of course not. 


In my opinion, anyone who thinks this way has so stripped himself of any modicum of self-worth or self-value and has heaved all this worth and value into money, something external from himself. Such a person believes himself and his qualities not adequate enough to interest, intrigue, gratify or satisfy a woman, so he finds a saviour in money to answer to all these needs.

Like, let’s be realistic here. Women are humans just like men are, and as humans, women have needs other than monetary needs. They have qualities that they find attractive in the opposite sex that can interest them and satisfy a need, and cause them to invest themselves in such person. Money isn’t everything. And I am not saying money isn’t a criterion women look out for, but money isn’t the only criterion like most men think, and most times it isn’t even among the most important criteria. To be honest some women don’t even place money high on their priority list when evaluating a man. There are other qualities that matter more and these qualities are subjective. There are women who would invest themselves in men that are intelligent, or men that are confident and hardworking, or men that are good looking and well groomed, or men that are highly skilled in a field that interests them, or men that are funny, witty or good with words, or men that are adventurous and well exposed, or men that know how to please a woman sexually. There are a lot of qualities. 

A relationship is a journey of different courses and there are women that love to explore these varieties of courses based on their interests and likes. But when a man nests a flawed notion of women as just wanting a man that has money, then his reality begins to manifest just as he believes, and invariably these are the kind of women that he’ll meet.

In my opinion, any man that thinks this way is either extremely ignorant or has low self-esteem because he doesn’t perceive himself as having qualities that can attract and keep women besides money. I mean, there are men who are being taken care of by their girlfriends. There are men their girlfriends would be willing to do anything for, whether monetarily or otherwise. In such cases, it is definitely not money that’s keeping her, then what is? Obviously, it’s other qualities the man possesses that she values higher than money.

Rarity is what separates the most sort out for from those who aren’t sorted out for. When you possess something that is valuable to someone, and that thing is rare to find, you will become extremely valuable to such person. Many people have money. Finding a man who has money these days is the easiest thing to do. Having money doesn’t separate you from the crowd. What separates you from the crowd is the qualities you possess and to the degree you possess them. Instead of coming online to whine about how women only care about money, why not try developing your best qualities and use them to attract women. No one can love you if you don’t love yourself first. No one can value you if you don’t value yourself.

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