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How to work on your differences before marriage

by Adenike Akindude
Don’t Let Jealousy Destroy Your Marriage

How to work on your differences before marriage


Two people coming together in a relationship is very interesting has it involves your strength and weaknesses coming together. While lovers mostly enjoy their strengths and points of attraction, they neglect the differences often.

These differences must however not be neglected so as to enjoy a blissful marriage. Here are ways to work on the differences between you and your partner before marriage.

* Know your differences
The first thing to do before working on the differences between you and your partner is to identify those differences. What are those things you don’t get along with in your partner? Know them one by one.

* Identify the differences you can work on
There are some weaknesses in your partner that you can’t work on or adjust no matter how you try. For example, if the person is a stammerer, you can’t change it. However, there are some habits you can work on like way of eating or certain reactions.

* Appreciate strengths
Before you approach the differences in your partner, first take a look at his or her strengths which are those things you really appreciate about that person. Don’t identify them alone but tell the person how much you love them in that particular area.

* Discuss the differences
Take out sometime, sit with your partner and discuss the attributes, character, habits that you wish him or her could improve on. Note however that you should not condemn the person but express yourself in love. Show the person you will love them to work on those aspects.

* Help your partner to adjust
After you have discussed the differences if they are what you can adjust, help the person to do so. For example, if your partner doesn’t know how to spend rightly, always check whenever you are together if he or she is spending too much and give a signal or ask about his or her savings.

In a relationship, it is important for partners to help each other become the best. When the differences are taken care of, there will be more understanding in the relationship and marital success is achievable.

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