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This is the worst mistake you can make when looking for a husband

by Family Center

This is the worst mistake you can make when looking for a husband
All of us human beings are distinct beings with extremely complex personalities, but most have the need to find the person who completes and shares the same purposes, as to enjoy the love of family happiness.

However, finding the loved one sometimes takes a certain amount of time because you need to find not just a partner, but someone who wants to build a solid and eternal relationship.

The worst mistake a woman can make when she is looking for her future husband is to give up who she is. Unfortunately, many do, subjecting themselves to any kind of relationship, even the sickest ones, because they want to feel fulfilled, loved and protected.

It is well known that unhealthy relationships tend to destroy people involved emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically.

Notice below 3 erroneous attitudes that a woman who has lost self-esteem commits in the desperate search for a husband:

1. Attending inappropriate places
The places you will be in will determine the type of husband you will meet. If you seek places that reflect disrespect and approve of depravity, you will hardly find a husband who respects his values ​​as a woman and her beliefs.

The people around you will greatly influence your actions, some can lift you and others you downgrade. You have to know who you want to be, because one of these people can be your future husband.

The husband is half of what is lacking in woman and woman is the complement of her husband, they must progress together in attributes and virtues, both must respect each other and be ready to sacrifice themselves for each other, and especially family.

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2. Hang out with the wrong people
How silly is the woman who, hearing the man “I love you” beside her, believes that it is enough to go up to the altar and say “yes.” To say “I love you” is not enough to change alliances and make sacred covenants that should last for a lifetime.

Love to be sealed with the sacred vows of marriage needs mature couples to do them, they need to be able to commit and forgive themselves constantly. It should also be noted that attributes such as courage, kindness, compassion, and righteous sacrifices are essential within a healthy relationship.

3. To act inappropriately
One of the things I learned after having several bad experiences was that lack makes us forget who we are and it does not stop there, because it usually wreaks havoc on our lives, to the point of confusing feelings of friendship with love. It also makes us think that some encounters are enough to determine that “so and so” is “great love.”

Another important factor about the lack is that it also makes us emotionally sick because we let go of irreparable defects at the beginning of the relationship that if we were emotionally healthy we would never allow ourselves to be involved in such a relationship.

When we need someone to fill our void and fill our needs, then we are not going to meet the eternal partner, we are just seeking a “companion” to ward off loneliness, that is to say that we are needy and not in love.

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