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Yellow teeth: know 10 causes and know how to prevent

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Yellow teeth: know 10 causes and know how to prevent
We all know that white teeth are adorable and yellowish teeth are uncomfortable, but few of us actually make an effort to keep our teeth white and shiny.

Instead, we absent-mindedly eat foods and drinks that, while delicious, are the cause of yellowing teeth.

Basically, the rule is this: if a food or drink can stain a carpet, then it can also leave your teeth yellowish – especially if you do not brush them after ingesting.

1. Wine
Be it red or white, both are a threat when it comes to yellowing your teeth. The wine is rich in tannins and tannins are yellow polyphenols that stain the teeth.

You may not notice it at first, but the more you drink, the more yellow your teeth will be. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to brush your teeth shortly after drinking a glass of wine.

2. Vinegar
Vinegar, though tasty and extremely attractive, is one of the foods that can make the teeth yellow.

The good news is that it is not so bad if you use it with the right foods. For example, when mixed with a salad, the vinegar tends not to be so bad for the teeth.

3. Coffee
Caffeine is a very dark substance that can easily make your teeth yellow. To prevent this from happening, you can choose to have lattes instead of pure coffee.

4. Tomato Sauce
Tomato sauce also deserves a place on our list of foods that make the teeth yellow.

Virtually everyone has eaten tomato sauce at some point in their lives and most of us like tomato sauce so much we eat it every week. But the tomato sauce is not so lovely. It is practically a dye for the teeth.

5. Beet
If you have ever eaten beets, you should know all their coloring power. So you can imagine why it is on our list of foods that make our teeth yellow.

Beet is a big enemy of bright white teeth and it is even worse in juice form. The only way to continue eating beets without staining both your teeth is by brushing them right after eating them.

6. Blueberry
Although blueberries (also known as blueberries) are great for health, they can contribute to yellowing teeth. A good way to avoid this is to wash your mouth with water soon after eating them.

7. Curry
Another one of the delicious foods that can leave the yellowed teeth is the curry. This excess seasoning can definitely discolor your teeth, but to remedy this you can include spinach in your meals.

Spinach acts as a protective enamel, and thus decreases the harmful effects of curry.

8. Soy sauce
Too much soy sauce can take you to the dentist at any time.

While it is a wonderfully tasty food, it is also very cheap when it is produced in bulk and this is because, to reduce costs, companies use soy proteins that are rich in hydrochloric acid.

This, in turn, is basically an acid that hates white teeth and will turn them into yellowed teeth as soon as possible.

9. Dark soft drinks
Dark soft drinks, especially those based on glue, are not your friends. They are so dark that they can make the teeth yellowish very easily.

Also, the more ice-cold they are, their teeth will eventually contract as you drink and so they are more likely to yellow.

10. Industrialized cranberry juice
Cranberries are good for us, but not those in the form of industrialized juices.

Besides this type of juice is basically liquid sugar, industrialized fruit juices are rich in dark colors and acids that stain the teeth. Always prefer natural juices and, of course, water.

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